Shortage Updates

Table updated: January 18th, 2023

Dear Customers,

It has been Digilent’s mission from the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis to share the burden with those who have built us up to the company that we are today. Inevitably, Digilent is being impacted by the prioritization of medical devices in the semiconductor industry plus extended factory shutdowns, creating a parts shortage around the world.

We want to empower you to make the best decision for yourself as possible. We do our best to communicate stock return dates, but unfortunately due to part delays and shortages those dates are always subject to change in this unpredictable climate.

We highly recommend that customers, or those in academia, place their orders for those products before the academic buying season, as we may not be able to fulfill those orders. We are working closely with our partners to help balance the allocation of parts for Digilent with the increasing demand for medical device components globally. We are doing our best to keep everything in stock, but are facing significant manufacturing uncertainty. In addition, we are experiencing an increase in pricing for critical parts.

The following is a list of out of stock products with their estimated return dates. Please note that these dates may change, and there are likely some that do not have an exact return date at this time. If you would like to be notified when a specific product is back in stock, enter your email address in the notification field found on the product pages.

SKU Product Estimated return date
410-183Basys 3End of February, 2023
6002-410-024Ettus USRP B210End of March, 2023
Ettus USRP B200miniEnd of March, 2023
410-064Pmod AD1June, 2023
410-217Pmod AD2Fall 2023
410-243Pmod AD5Fall 2023
410-245Pmod DA4May 2023
410-342Pmod SSRMay 2023
410-392Pmod ToFTBD
Arty S7-25Early March, 2023
6069-410-001MCC 128End of March, 2023
6069-410-003MCC 152End of March, 2023
MCC 172 and MCC 172 Coaxial Cable BundleEnd of March, 2023
6069-410-058MCC USB-201End of March, 2023
6069-410-008MCC USB-202End of March, 2023
6069-410-009MCC USB-205End of March, 2023
6069-410-012MCC USB-231End of March, 2023
6069-410-011MCC USB-1608GX-2AOEnd of March, 2023
6069-410-014MCC USB-1808XEnd of March, 2023
6069-410-016MCC E-1608TBD
6069-471-001TC-32 and TC-32-EXP bundleEnd of March, 2023
6069-410-028MCC USB-CTR08End of March, 2023
6069-410-031MCC USB-ERB24End of March, 2023
MCC DT9857E SeriesEnd of March, 2023
6069-410-040MCC DT9847-3-1End of March, 2023
MCC DT9837 SeriesEnd of March, 2023
MCC USB-2416-4AOEnd of March, 2023
6069-410-045MCC USB-QUAD08TBD

Thank you for bearing with us during this difficult time. The Digilent team is doing everything we can to prevent these issues from impacting your work, and we appreciate your continued contributions to the engineering community.

Many thanks,