Digilent and MCC offer a variety of multifunction and high-speed Data Acquisition (DAQ) devices designed for educational, research, and prototyping purposes with sample rates up to 20 MS/s. In addition to analog input, these multifunction devices also offer analog output, digital I/O and counter/timers. 

A multifunction Data Acquisition device is a versatile piece of equipment designed to perform a wide range of measurement and control tasks in various applications. Unlike specialized DAQ devices that focus on specific functions or signal types, such as voltage measurement or temperature sensing, a multifunction DAQ device integrates multiple input and output channels and supports diverse sensor types and signal conditioning options.

A high-speed Data Acquisition device is designed to capture and process data at significantly faster rates compared to standard DAQ systems. These devices are engineered to handle high-frequency signals and rapidly changing data with precision and accuracy and offer several significant advantages and bring considerable value to various industries and applications.

By enabling rapid data acquisition and analysis, high-speed DAQ products help engineers and researchers streamline testing procedures, accelerate development cycles, and identify issues more efficiently. This leads to improved productivity, reduced time-to-market, and cost savings in product development and testing processes.