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Data rates on serial and parallel transmission lines are increasing rapidly. So are the data integrity issues developers face. Eye diagrams make their life easier. Higher data rates in telecommunications …

Ever wonder why oscilloscopes require bulky BNC cables with those fancy switches, while multimeters seem content with plain wires? The key lies in how these instruments handle electronic measurements. One …

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MiB vs MB- Whats the Difference?

Brandon K. provides a quick rundown on the nuances of notation.

Verilog vs. VHDL

At this point in reading the blog and going through the learn material, you might realize that there is a lot of FPGA code. It doesn’t look like C, it doesn’t look like Java…what is it?

How to Code a State Machine in Verilog

Now we know what a state machine is. But how do we code one?

Quick Coin Battery Guide

Is your inability to accurately identify coin cell batteries negatively impacting your life and affecting your loved ones? Nate is here to help!