Using Fritzing: A Tutorial

Fritzing is a free tool that allows users to create clean and professional images of electronics projects for teaching or sharing. Digilent uses Fritzing in all of our intern-created projects, and we’re working closely with Fritzing to have a bin of Digilent parts soon.

Electric Dune Buggy

I’m an intern at Digilent working on converting a dune buggy to electric power. Once the buggy is complete, the operator will have the options to use either remote control or autonomous operation and will exemplify the functionality of Digilent products. The overall goal is to create something fun yet safe that will encourage innovators to go out and build something awesome.

Fritzing and Digilent

At Digilent, we use Fritzing to present educational concepts. A lot of our Learn projects feature Fritzing. A number of our parts (with more being added regularly) are in Fritzing Projects (search for Digilent) and in the user-created parts repository. From designing circuits to demonstrating new concepts, we use Fritzing for showing people what we’re working on. We also use some Fritzing graphics in our inventories for our Learn projects. (The one shown below is from a project about debouncing circuits with libraries.)