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Every Digilent product is supported by its own Resource Center, a hub of materials that help you succeed. Find documentation including reference manuals, schematics, and datasheets, as well as example projects, out-of-the-box demos, software downloads, and more.

How to Use This Site

Our main products have Resource Centers. We recommend always starting with these pages, which can be found through the site's header, at the top of each page. If you don't find your product there - for example, if it is retired - check the list of all Resource Centers on this site, found below.

The following dropdown contains a comprehensive list of all Resource Centers here on Digilent Reference, including retired products.

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Digilent Github

Digilent's Github organization contains source code for our demo projects, hardware designs, libraries, and more. The documentation for these materials can generally be found here on Digilent Reference, through product Resource Centers. We recommended reading the documentation first, however, those familiar with Github and version control systems, or who just wish to browse, can jump straight in: Digilent Github.

Digilent Idea Space

Have an idea for a product, feature, or improvement? The Digilent Idea Space is the place where you share these ideas with Digilent’s product team as well as view and vote on Ideas submitted by other Digilent users: Digilent Idea Space.

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