MCC E-1608: Multifunction Ethernet DAQ Device

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Measurement Computing Corporation (MCC) and Data Translation (DT) DAQ products are now part of the Digilent family of test and measurement solutions. MCC and DT are leading suppliers of data acquisition solutions that are easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate, and easy-to-support.

The E-1608 features 8 SE/4 DIFF analog inputs, 16-bit resolution, 250 kS/s sample rate, two 16-bit analog outputs, eight digital I/O, and one 32-bit counter input.

The E-1608-OEM is a DAQ device, Ethernet-based, with 8 SE/4 DIFF analog inputs, 16-bit resolution, 250 kS/s sample rate, 2 analog outputs, 8 digital I/O, and 1 counter input. OEM version removes enclosure and screw terminals and adds headers.

Software support includes free DAQami software for out-of-the-box data logging, viewing of data, and generating signals. Also freely available are drivers for the most popular applications and programming languages including Visual C++®, Visual C#®, Visual Basic®.NET, DASYLab®, LabVIEW, Linux®, and Python.

OEM/Embedded Customers- please contact our dedicated application engineer for volume pricing, OEM/board-only versions of these devices, and assistance with your application. Visit our OEM Board-only page for more product offerings.

  • 8 SE/4 DIFF analog inputs
  • 16-bit resolution
  • 250 kS/s sample rate
  • ±10 V, ±5 V, ±2 V, ±1 V input ranges
  • Two 16-bit analog outputs
  • Eight digital I/O
  • One counter input
  • Product Compliance: 
    • HTC: 8473.30.1180
    • ECCN: 3A992.a
  • E-1608
  • Ethernet Cable 1M
  • Power Supply, 5 VDC Output
  • Field Changeable AC Input Plug (USA style is included, other types may be purchased separately)
  • Printed insert: DAQami Quick Start
  • MCC packaging assembly/foam, etc.

Prioritizing on ease of use and flexibility, MCC offers out-of-the-box software plus drivers for the most popular programming languages and applications.

Out-of-the-box software includes DAQami for data logging, visualization, and signal generation. For a more full-featured and customizable experience, DASYLab® provides real-time analysis and control, plus the ability to create custom applications without programming.

DASYLab can be purchased directly from Digilent.

For maximum customization, drivers are included for Visual C++®, Visual C#®, Visual Basic®.NET, LabVIEW, MATLAB®, Linux®, and Python.

Out of the Box Software: DAQami - Included

Data Acquisition Companion Software for Acquiring Data and Generating Signals

DAQami is an out-of-the-box application for data logging, visualization, and signal generation. Data can be viewed in real-time or post-acquisition on user-configurable displays. DAQami is ideal for interactive testing, data logging, and developing applications that run for minutes or days.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows® 11/10/8/7/Vista®, 32-bit or 64-bit

English, Chinese, and German language support.

DAQami Datasheet

Custom Applications without Programming: DASYLab® - Optional

Icon-Based Data Acquisition, Graphics, Control, and Analysis Software

DASYLab is an optional software package that offers real-time analysis, control, and the ability to create custom applications without programming. DASYLab is ideal for users that need more functionality than DAQami provides.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows® 11/10/8/7.

DASYLab can purchased directly from Digilent.

Purchase DASYLab
Learn more on Digilent Reference
DASYLab Data Sheet

Programming and Driver Support - Included

MCC programming and driver support is extensive and features comprehensive libraries and example programs for the most popular applications and programming languages including Visual C++®, Visual C#®, Visual Basic®.NET, LabVIEW, MATLAB®, Linux®, and Python.

Learn More About MCC Programming and Driver Support<

To learn more about the complete software ecosystem, visit the MCC software page.

MCC Data Acquisition Software

Quickly find what you need to get started and reduce mean time to measure.

All product support including documentation, projects, and reference material can be accessed through MCC resources.

Digilent Forum
MCC DAQ Software
DAQ and Datalogging on Reference

Quick Links

DAQami Software Quick Start
MCC E-1608 Product Manual
MCC E-1608 Datasheet
MCC E-1608-OEM Product Manual

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  • 4
    Great hardware, but...

    Posted by GEORGE on 21st Jan 2019

    I use these with DASYLab. The hardware is great, but something in DASYLab or the driver makes them very slow over even the fastest Ethernet connection. Should be easy to fix but no action by MCC so far. I also use the USB versions, which work great with the same DASYLab software.

  • 4
    Good quality high speed DAQ with physical limitations

    Posted by IIoTEngineer on 11th Mar 2018

    I need a DAQ that can sample all 8 channels at a minimum sample rate of 20kHz per channel and that is Ethernet connected. This unit certainly meets that criteria and does the job, however it is simply not designed for an Industrial environment. I was beat to find something that is so I am currently using this device with reasonable results. The main issues are power and physical mounting. The DIN rail clip it comes with mounts it flat on the rail which mean the connections for the IO go vertically up or down and the Ethernet and power connectors on the end face make the next 40mm of DIN rail space unusable. A well designed DIN rail mountable device has all the IO and the power and data connections going vertically up or down or facing the user on the narrow ends or front narrow side and mounts sideways. I have made up a custom bracket to do this as I do not use the DIO side face but this means that I have to buy a custom bracket and cut off the terminal label and remount it facing the user. Worse still is the power connection. It is a barrel plug from a 110V ac wall wart with no alternatives. Virtually all industrial DIN mountable devices run on 24Vdc and have push in or screw down wire terminals. So to power this I need to take up even more DIN rail space by adding a 24Vdc to 5Vdc power converter and then cut the cable off the unusable wall wart and terminate it onto the converter. Software wise it is a mixed bag. We need the unit to work in a Linux environment and although we have managed to make it work it has taken a lot of effort to do so as the support is not readily available and is not directly skilled in a custom Linux environment. So overall the unit sampling and ability to capture data and transfer it into an Ethernet signal to a host PC is good however the unit is a significant challenge if you want to use it in an industrial environment.

  • 4
    Simple to use

    Posted by Dillon on 12th Mar 2017

    Without having any previous experience with DAQ/Control systems, I was able to set up the E-1608 to control and record data from a new system that I am developing within a couple of days. DASYLab was very intuitive and has a lot of nice features that allowed the system to be setup so that others outside of the project could easily use the product during testing.

  • 5
    The E-1608 is a great addition to our facility

    Posted by jwh02017 on 6th Mar 2016

    I've never used any DAQ equipment before. We needed to monitor some equipment in our facility and the E-1608 worked perfectly for us. We are mostly using the analog inputs right now but we will be using the digital I/O soon. This was very easy to setup. We have since bought 2 more of the E-1608 to expand the system. We have been wanting to get some DAQ equipment for a few years now but everything else we found was very expensive. Using DAQ equipment from has opened our eyes to just how much we can monitor in our facility.

  • 4
    good features

    Posted by Jay510 on 12th Jul 2015

    so far working good as we needed for our app.

  • 5

    Posted by Alex on 4th May 2015

    I have been waiting for Measure Computing to release something that supports Ethernet, and move away from PCI/PCIe and USB. I am a true believer in Ethernet for DAQ, and this product has shown why. It is easy to set up, easy to distribute, none of the potential serious errors USB and PCI are susceptible to, and works flawlessly with Instacal and ULx and .NET UL. I want MORE like this, for different measurement/control type.

  • 5
    Compact, solid I/O module

    Posted by zig618 on 20th Apr 2015

    We've used this I/O block in the past, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it's DIN rail mountable now, with the addition of an optional adapter. Easy to mount and wire, and takes up very little real estate on the sub panel. we will use again!