DASYLab: Icon-Based Data Acquisition, Graphics, Control, and Analysis Software

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DASYLab data acquisition (DAQ) software provides tools and functions to quickly and easily develop complex applications without programming. The software offers real-time analysis, control, and graphics tools for creating custom graphical user interfaces (GUIs), supports most MCC devices, and also supports hardware from over 20 vendors.

  • Create complex applications quickly and easily without programming
  • Real-time data acquisition, analysis, control, and display functions
  • Standard real-time displays (charts, meters, graphs)
  • Complete library of computational functions including Statistics and FFT analysis
  • State Machine function for complex state-based scenarios
  • Script feature allows you to create custom functions using open source Python™
  • Connect to serial, OPC, ODBC, MODBUS, IVI, and TCP/IP based devices
  • Drivers for MCC, Data Translation®, IOtech®, National Instruments™, and other vendors
  • Combine analog, digital and counter inputs and outputs in one test
  • Simple creation of reusable code blocks with the Black Box module
  • More than 512 channels on multiple devices
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows® 10/8.1/7
  • Download DASYLab 2022 Evaluation Copy


  • Ideal for data logging and monitoring
  • Includes basic function modules for creating a worksheet
  • Supports 32 analog inputs and up to 64 worksheet wires
  • Supports one layout window for advanced user display management or reporting

DASYLab Basic

  • Supports unlimited worksheet wires
  • Supports up to 256 analog inputs and one layout window
  • Includes PID, Statistics, Formula, FFT, Filter and other analysis features
  • Includes control functions, Two-point Control, Switch, Slider, Coded Switch, as well as flexible triggers and comparison modules

DASYLab Full

  • Includes all standard modules (a base selection of Signal Analysis modules, all Action and Action-enabled modules)
  • Supports up to 200 layout windows
  • Includes the powerful Control Sequencer module for controlling a series of test worksheets


  • Includes the full set of modules – Control Sequencer, all signal analysis tools, the Sequence Generator, and all available add-on modules (without third-party modules)
  • Includes the suite of Network modules

DASYLab Runtime

  • Simplified user interface in which users can open a worksheet, load a sequence, operate a layout, and modify the window arrangement
  • Use Runtime mode for projects in which users can implement but not change the application

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  • 5
    Amazing Technical Support

    Posted by Hilary on 31st May 2020

    Our project had to upgrade from DAQView to DASYLab, and due to the complexity of our acquisition needs, setting up DASYLab was an overwhelming task. CJ and the rest of the MCC staff went above and beyond to answer our questions and help us set up the software for our needs. With each hurdle that arose, CJ patiently helped troubleshoot and think of creative ways to make the software work for us. We can't thank this team enough for their support!

  • 5
    DaisyLAB Easy but Powerful

    Posted by JeffMSS on 24th Jul 2017

    I have taken on a task that worried me at the start. When used to programming in C, I wasn't real sure what issues I was going to run into trying to program an entire end of line tester using icon based programming. However, time was in short supply so, I decided to give DaisyLAB a shot. Was pleasantly surprised at the short learning curve, the awesome technical support and the speed at which I was able to create a program that controlled my whole system from running a motor to collecting data from the finished product. I was even able to calculate performance parameters and save them to disk - excellent!

  • 4
    This product has been very useful in rapid test development

    Posted by BKL on 31st Jan 2016

    This software is very easy to use

  • 5
    Great value! Can communicate with PLC thru OPC modules in software. The MCC staff support is awesome!

    Posted by fluidpowerman on 31st May 2015

    I recently purchased the full version of Dasylab for a data acquisition project. My project included a PLC, HMI touch screen and the USB-1608G for logging data. We are using a plc to control the machine and logging 12 channels for pressures, temperatures, distance, and torque. The Dasylab software package is a perfect fit for our application. I was able to communicate with my PLC and Touchscreen thru the OPC modules in the Dasylab software. The software is easy to learn and work with. I think the greatest thing about the Dasylab software and the MCC products is the support from the MCC team. If you are new to data acquisition software or would like a refresher I would highly recommend attending the Dasylab training. Money well spent! The two day course with the optional 3rd day is fantastic! The most useful training I have ever received. This was a new project for me and my first time using the software. Attending the training especially the optional 3rd day put me ahead of the game for completing the project. CJ does a fantastic job! She is extremely knowledgeable and the hands on data logging is perfect. I stayed for the 3rd day where CJ helped me with my specific project and even helped with specific questions as my project progressed. Thank you CJ and to the rest of the MCC team.

  • 4
    Works better than the evaluation copy.

    Posted by dnb on 26th May 2015

    Installation is easy. Use is easy. Just beginning to move from simple to more advanced usage. For some reason the evaluation copy was really flaky, but it worked well enough to convince us to purchase Basic. It has proven to be worth the cost and works flawlessly so far. If you are a little uncertain because of the evaluation package, try one of the entry level products that can do 90% of what you need before throwing it out the window. I gave this an overall rating of good simply because of the evaluation copy.

  • 5
    DASYLab Lite Very Easy To Use But Powerfull

    Posted by DAQSC on 8th Oct 2014

    Great DAQ software for multiple users with its ease of setup but still has the power to run various hardware configurations with no concerns.

  • 5
    So Easy!

    Posted by Mike103 on 3rd Sep 2014

    DASYLab is the best DAS software i have ever used.

  • 4
    Very versatile software and user friendly

    Posted by Lchan2k on 16th Jul 2014


  • 5

    Posted by Nemesis135 on 28th May 2014

    We have been using TracerDAQ and TracerDAQ Pro for most of the DAQ that we do. However, I recently tried the free trial of DASYLab and fell in love immediately! I love the easy-to-use interface and all of the control that you have over the data as it flows through the system. One major feature that I like over TracerDAQ is the ability to write data to a file in real time AS the data is being acquired! I am hoping to have the money to pay for a version soon!