Breadboards and Canvases

Breadboards are the most prolific way to learn and prototype circuits of all kinds. We've collected a variety of breadboards, solderless, solderable, large and small, as an accompaniment to our test and measurement devices and parts kits. 

Canvases for the Analog Discovery Studio provide a large prototyping surface and a selection of other features including switchable power supplies, integrated I/O and SMT breakouts and are all magnetically connectable to the Analog Discovery Studio. The following are the available canvases:

  • Analog Discovery Canvas: removable breadboard surface
  • Blank Canvas: through-hole prototyping surface
  • Breadboard Canvas: the removable Canvas that is included with the purchase of the Analog Discovery Studio
  • FPGA Board Adapter Canvas (formerly known as the Interposer Canvas): designed to securely attach a compatible FPGA board to the Analog Discovery Studio for digital logic test systems
  • Digital Trainer Canvas for Analog Discovery Studio: replaceable and removable prototyping surface for the Analog Discovery Studio and features an array of common digital circuit components like switches and LEDs, making it well-suited for introductory coursework teaching digital electronics.