Zmod Expansion Modules

Digilent Zmods are SYZYGY-compliant expansion modules. SYZYGY is a high-speed I/O expansion standard, developed by Opal Kelly, for FPGA boards intended to fit between the Pmod standard and FMC. By standardizing the hardware interface, SYZYGY modules makes it easier for developers to design and integrate FPGA-based systems with a wide range of peripherals and sensors. The SYZYGY standard offers a much higher speed/bandwidth digital interface than Pmod but at a much smaller and lower-cost form-factor than FMC, enabling the user to configure an FPGA development board with the right I/O for their application. When coupled to a base board using SYZYGY expansion (like the Eclypse or Genesys ZU), the combination will serve as a powerful prototyping platform for instrumentation, high-speed control and SDR products.

One of the great things about Zmods is their flexibility. With a range of options for processing power, memory, and connectivity, you can customize your Zmod to meet the specific needs of your application. Our Zmods are designed to be versatile and easy-to-use, with plug-and-play compatibility and comprehensive tutorials and support. All Digilent Zmods are supported by custom controllers targeting 7-Series FPGA fabric, provided as IP for Xilinx's Vivado development environment.

We offer a wide range of Zmods to choose from, including modules for ADC, AWG, digitizer, and SDR with various options to choose from. The table below outlines the specifications and features across our growing line of Zmods, making it easier to find exactly what you need. With such a broad selection, you're sure to find the Zmod that meets your specific project needs.

Whether you're a student, hobbyist, or professional, our Zmods are perfect for a wide range of applications. You can use Zmods for everything from robotics and automation to data acquisition and signal processing.

When you buy a Zmod from Digilent, you can trust that you're getting a high-quality product from a trusted brand. We're committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience, whether you're a student just starting out or a seasoned professional.

Please note: The line of Zmods Scopes were formerly known as the Zmod ADC line.

Zmod Comparison Table

Features/Version Zmod Scope
Zmod Scope
Zmod Scope
Zmod Scope
Zmod Scope
Zmod Scope
Zmod Scope
Zmod AWG
Zmod Digitizer
Zmod SDR
Max Bandwidth20 MHz70 MHz70 MHz20 MHz70 MHz20 MHz70 MHz40 MHz60+ MHz35 kHz - 470 MHz
Sample Rate40 MS/s105 MS/s125 MS/s 40 MS/s125 MS/s40 MS/s125 MS/s100 MS/s125 MS/s122.88 MS/s
Input Range±1 V, ±25 V±1 V, ±25 V±1 V, ±25 V±1 V, ±25 V±1 V, ±25 V±1 V, ±25 V±1 V, ±25 V±1.25 V, ±5 V±1 V±1 V
AC/DC CouplingYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesDC OnlyAC Only
Input Impedance1 MΩ||18 pF1 MΩ||18 pF1 MΩ||18 pF1 MΩ||18 pF1 MΩ||18 pF1 MΩ||18 pF1 MΩ||18 pF-1 MΩ||5 pF50 Ω||5 pF
Clock GeneratorNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoYesYes
Low Pass FilterNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo60 MHzNo