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Our lineup of boards and scopes are designed to be user-friendly. A wide and easily accessible library of getting started guides, reference materials, and learning modules have made Digilent a favorite for both aspiring engineers and those who are simply honing newly developed skills. You will often find professors and students discovering the nuances of FPGA design or the intricacies of circuit testing while using one of Digilent's products, as they are trusted by a wide range of popular companies and nearly 100 universities worldwide. If you're an educator in engineering, you can be confident that our tools will be an engaging medium to help teach your hands-on curriculum.

Teaching & Training

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Training and Education for Professionals

Pursue your goals and expand your skills with hands-on tutorials and design projects across areas of interest and difficulty levels. Combined with associated design kits, accessories, and parts, our resources help you gain insight and design experience in key areas like analog circuit design, microprocessor programming, and digital circuit design. Explore and expand concepts in hardware or software design with additional support resources, such as comprehensive documentation and guides.


From creating simple logic gates and designing reconfigurable digital circuits, to powering breadboards and taking measurements, enable your students to engage and learn experientially. Our affordable, portable, and flexible electrical engineering tools also have related course material, books, and tutorials to get your students started. The functionality and versatility of our solutions meet and even surpass a physical lab, useful whether your course is conducted on campus or online.


Get started on your next great idea with products that offer the most size, performance, and cost-conscious design on the market. Small in form factor and friendly to prototyping, our cost-optimized maker solutions are all engineered with the latest technologies. In addition to immense flexibility, cost savings, and increased performance, you'll find deep and comprehensive support through reference manuals, tutorials, and example projects tailored to each product.