Digilent is the official Education and Teaching Brand of NI

At Digilent, our mission has always been—and still is—to make engineering technologies understandable and accessible to all.

We provide educators and students with low-cost, fundamental tools and curricula to turn this mission into reality. Products like the Analog Discovery 3 mixed-signal oscilloscope, or the entry-level Basys 3 FPGA development board put the hardware in the student’s hands for maximum engagement and growth — in either a traditional classroom setting, hybrid, or remote.

"If you are an electrical engineering student, the Analog Discovery 3 is an absolute must have. Practical enough to be portable but as powerful as any instrumentation system you’ll ever need. I love how easy the WaveForms software is for controlling the AD3. It’s a buy you don’t have to think twice about.”
– University Student

Our academic Test and Measurement products have support for LabVIEW and MATLAB.

Product Comparison Table

Product / Course
Analog Discovery 3
Analog Discovery Studio
Analog Discovery Pro
Zybo Z7
Basys 3

* While used in conjunction with a Cmod S7

Featured Products with Special Academic Discounts

All products on the Digilent store have special discounted pricing for qualified academic customers. To purchase products at academic prices on our website:

  1. Set up an account with Digilent.
  2. Verify your academic credentials.
  3. Once we verify your academic information, a confirmation email will be sent out and academic pricing will be applied automatically when you are logged into your Digilent account!

“Academic pricing makes it feasible for our department to purchase and distribute devices to each student. That isn’t possible with some of the more expense portable lab instruments on the market.”
– North American University Professor

For a complete breakdown of pricing for the above products as well as all others, check out our Price List.

Distributors: If you’re a distributor, you may have different prices than those listed in our Price List.

Multisim Live: Digilent’s Browser-Based Circuit Simulation Software

Multisim Live™ is an online SPICE simulator that provides an interactive schematic environment to instantly visualize and analyze electronic circuit behavior. With powerful circuit simulation and analyses incorporated into circuit design flow, Multisim helps researchers and designers reduce printed circuit board (PCB) prototype iterations and save development costs and can provide a valuable teaching tool to students.

Pre-Sales and Buying in Bulk

Looking for a larger purchase to outfit your entire classroom/lab or stock your distribution channel? Email [email protected] or submit your query through our sales and order support form.