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Engineering tools every student can own.
At Digilent, our mission has always been—and still is—to make engineering technologies understandable and accessible to all.
We provide educators and students with low-cost, fundamental tools and curriculum to turn this mission into reality.  Products like the portable Analog Discovery 2 mixed-signal oscilloscope or the entry-level Basys 3 FPGA development board put the hardware in the student’s hands, and maintain a high quality of instruction—in a traditional classroom setting or remote.

Academic Pricing

Many of our products have special discounted pricing for qualified academic customers. These discounts are possible thanks to our partnerships with leading technology innovators, including Xilinx, ADI, TI, Micron, Linear Technologies, and National Instruments.

To purchase products at academic prices on our website:

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Academic Products

Digilent products with special academic prices are available throughout our online store, and the discounted prices are automatically applied when logged into a verified academic account. To view a complete list of the current products under academic discount, download our price list.

Please note: we currently do not allow multiple orders of a single academic product for verified student accounts. There is a strict limit to one per student account. See our FAQs for more information.

Distributors: the academic price lists you receive may have different discounts from the ones posted here.

Featured Academic Products:


Digilent Learn is our open, freely accessible community resource for sharing teaching and learning materials focused on electrical and computer engineering. This resource is built around a collection of hands-on design projects that offer insight and design experience in key areas like analog circuit design, microprocessor programming, and digital circuit design.

All of our Learn projects are posted under the Creative Commons license, so anyone can use, modify, and repost them as desired. Each project is self-contained and designed to expose a fundamental concept in hardware or software design. Whether you are an individual pursuing a goal or with a university in a formal educational program, Learn projects are for you.

Teaching remotely: Accessible learning wherever you are.

Exchanging the familiarity of the lab or classroom you love for a workstation in your home office has been a new reality for educators around the world. Teaching and preparing ECE courses is challenging to being with, and losing face-to-face interaction and hands-on instruction is that much more difficult. Digilent is here to help you sort out and maintain the logistics of your remote teaching environment. Covering a wide range of engineering courses, we have the tools to make your class more successful.