Adapters for the Analog Discovery range from the BNC Adapters, designed for use with industry standard BNC probes, to the Transistor Testers, which enables the use of the curve tracer instrument without having to set up reference circuits. The following are the available measurement adapters:

  • Audio Adapter+ (allows the Analog Discovery 3 to capture and analyze audio signals from external sources)
  • Audio Adapter (analyze audio signals with the Analog Discovery oscilloscope instrument)
  • BNC Adapter (provides BNC and MTE connections to use with waveform generator and oscilloscope instruments)
  • Breadboard Adapter (provides a 400 tie point breadboard or prototyping surface)
  • Breadboard Breakout (designed to connect all of the inputs and outputs on the Analog Discovery directly to a breadboard)
  • High Speed Adapter and Logic Analyzer Probes (designed to reduce noise and ensure signal integrity for the Digital Discovery)
  • Impedance Analyzer (impedance analyzers provide automatically adjusting reference resistors and relays for impedance testing and impedance measurement)
  • Transistor Tester (enable to use of the curve tracer instrument without needing a reference circuit set up)

The High-speed Adapter for Digital Discovery ensures signal integrity of high speed signals at the top end of the Digital Discovery's range.