Digital Discovery High Speed Adapter and Logic Probes

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High speed digital signals are prone to noise and cross talk on free wires such as an MTE Cable or breadboard wire. The High Speed Adapter provides an interface between the high speed inputs on the Digital Discovery and high speed probes, which are designed to reduce noise and ensure signal integrity on speeds up to 800 MS/s. 

The High Speed Adapter provides access for up to 24 High Speed Logic Probes, to probe 24 digital signals. The adapter is not keyed, and both orientations can be used as the twisted wires are not color-coded. A pack of 16 High Speed Logic Probes are included.

Each cable has a GND (black) wire twisted to a DIN_USR (colored) wire. The wires connect to the High Speed Adapter via a 2-pin female header, and two 1-pin female connectors to the device under test and ground. A 100 Ω resistor is embedded in the signal wire on the end closest to the device under test. All GND wires should be connected to ground of the device under test.

For a tutorial and other documentation, view the Support Materials Tab. 

  • 2x16 MTE connector to connect to Digital Discovery
  • 24 2x1 male pin headers for attaching 24 High Speed Probes
  • Ensures signal integrity and reduces noise for sample rates of up to 800 MS/s on the Digital Discovery
  • Includes 16 High Speed logic Probes
  • Alternative to the 2x16 flywire assembly for the Digital Discovery
  • One High Speed Adapter for the Digital Discovery
  • 16 High Speed Logic Probes
    • If required, additional probes can be purchased separately
  • Anti-Static bag

The resource center for the Digital Discovery High Speed Adapter and Logic Probes is the central hub of technical content for the device, and contains everything to get started and reduce mean time to test. This includes a getting started guide, documentation, tutorials, example projects and a link to technical support. 

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