BNC Adapter for Analog Discovery

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BNC probes offer the best signal integrity and highest available bandwidth for connecting an oscilloscope or waveform generator to a circuit under test, and are the standard in the industry. The BNC Adapter for Analog Discovery provides this connection method to both the waveform generator and oscilloscope instruments, while keeping the option and convenience of the standard MTE cables for the other 10 instruments on the Analog Discovery 2 and Analog Discovery 3. The BNC Adapter also adds the ability to AC or DC couple the oscilloscope and the option for either 0 or 50-ohm termination on the waveform generator, combining the portability and flexibility of the Analog Discovery with industry standard features.

For a tutorial, Reference manual and other documentation, view the Support Materials tab. 

Note: The BNC Adapter Board for the Analog Discovery does not have differential analog (scope) inputs

  • Connects standard BNC-terminated test leads & probes to the Analog Discovery's oscilloscope and waveform generator
  • Increases the oscilloscope bandwidth from 9 MHz to 30 MHz
  • Increases the waveform generator bandwidth from 9 MHz to 12 MHz
  • Jumper-selectable oscilloscope AC and DC coupling
  • Jumper-selectable 50-ohm or 0-ohm output impedance on arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) channels
  • Single-ended scope inputs with the negative input connected to the ground
  • BNC Adapter Board for the Analog Discovery (compatible with the Analog Discovery 2 and Analog Discovery 3)

The resource center for the BNC Adapter is the central hub of technical content for the device, and contains everything to get started and reduce mean time to test. This includes a getting started guide, documentation, tutorials, example projects and a link to technical support. 

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  • 1
    BNC Adapter for Analog Discovery has no protective case

    Posted by Jon on 23rd Jun 2023

    The BNC Adapter for Analog Discovery has no protective case to protect from dust , liquids. This would be easily damaged when carrying in back pack or on the go.Want to use for automotive diagnostics .

  • 4
    Quality product

    Posted by Digilent Customer on 10th Dec 2020

    This product makes it easier to setup and record data.

  • 3
    Would Have been great. why not all the output from the nalog discovery is connected to J6 ?

    Posted by Digilent Customer on 7th Dec 2019

    The product is good. but the access to other parameters is not connected from J2 to J6. The network analyzing would have been really easy without external component

  • 5
    Good quality. No problems. Easy to use.

    Posted by Asfur Barandica on 6th Dec 2018

    Good quality. No problems. Easy to use.

  • 5
    conveniant connections

    Posted by john wickliffe on 30th May 2017

    this product works well with some Tektronix probes i still have after 30 years it's nice to have wave generator signal outputs at the same time as scope inputs off the same card.

  • 5
    very handy add on to extend power of Analog Discovery

    Posted by Carl on 27th Apr 2017

    Coupling the Analog Discovery with external components such as other scopes and op amp prototype boards is much easier with BNC connectivity. Easier than wiring up my own connectors and interface.

  • 4
    Good, easier AC/DC selection and 0/50ohm ouput

    Posted by Brendan on 4th Nov 2016

    A good product and probably a must have. It would be better if it was easier to change the AC/DC coupling and 0/50ohm output options. It feels very clunky to have to move the jumpers. A slide switch would be so much better. Also a a slide switch for single/double ended inputs would be good. Having it packaged in a nice enclosure that mates nicely with the Analog Discovery 2 would be nice too. Having all the inputs at the front would be a bonus, but I can see why it is the way it is. Maybe a variant in a trapazoid shpae, either with BNCs all on one side, or two on each side of the multipin connector?

  • 4
    Should have been included

    Posted by Digilent Customer on 5th Sep 2016

    Almost essential! Using real probes cannot be underestemated. Also easy to enable DC/AC on inputs and 50ohm output resistance on outputs. Beware: the wiers does not continue after the BNCs, so you cannot daisychain another or use the provided wiers as normal. (Only logic analyzer and trigger are passed to the multipin contact) All in all, this is essential to get everything out of the analog discovery. Should have been included in the box!

  • 3
    It works as advertsed

    Posted by John Dammeyer on 19th Aug 2016

    There's nothing wrong with this in the sense that it provides access to the terminals using BNC Scope probes and BNC Cables for the AWG. That and all the digital I/O and adjustable power supplies. But if you look at a scope that includes these features the connectors all point the same way. That's where this product should be redesigned. I'd rather pay $10 more and have the cables all come out the same end so the entire unit could be packaged into some sort of box. Even a 3D printed box where the STL file is provided as part of the documentation.