Research & Rapid Prototyping Applications

Get to designing faster.

The time you spend discovering, developing, and building your projects is of utmost importance. Our FPGA development platforms combine powerful hardware with diverse on-board peripherals and expansion modularity for flexible solutions that allow you to quickly move to the next phase of your design flow. Simplify and accelerate the development of high-speed instrumentation, control, and measurement systems for edge computing, medical technology, software-defined radio, and many other communications applications.

Research & Rapid Prototyping


Run experiments, innovate, and create practically anywhere with our flexible solutions. Combining software programmability, real-time processing, hardware optimization, and any-to-any connectivity with the security and safety needed for your systems, we help you perform research with the latest technologies to create products that push the boundaries of technology.

Rapid Prototyping

Featuring onboard peripheral support and built-in programming circuits, you can begin prototyping your new design without the need for additional hardware. Get started right away and enjoy cutting-edge capabilities plus long-term usability.

Featured Categories:

Data Acquisition

Measure the real-world with Digilent and MCC devices specialized for high-speed data acquisition.

Embedded Vision

Embedded vision is changing the world with applications such as autonomous vehicles, vision-enabled AI, and smartphones. Digilent's development boards and add-on modules enable you to continue pushing the boundaries of technology in embedded vision.


It's a small world thanks to advancements in networking technology. The NetFPGA open-source hardware platform boards from Digilent enable researchers to prototype high-speed, hardware-accelerated networking systems.

Sensor Fusion

Digilent's multi-purpose development boards give instant access to a variety of different sensors through on-board expansion interfaces.

Multi-Media (A/V)

Video and audio processing applications and algorithms require performance: generous external memories, high-speed digital video ports, and high-resolution audio codecs. Digilent's ecosystem has a variety of options to provide the performance and connectivity you need for your multi-media and A/V applications.