Ethernet and Remote

The ability to facilitate remote data acquisition is indispensable in fields such as industrial automation, research, testing, and monitoring systems. Digilent and MCC’s selection of Ethernet temperature data acquisition (DAQ) devices enable the measurement of thermocouples, RTD's, and thermistors remotely. 

By connecting to an Ethernet network, these devices can communicate with computers, servers, or other networked devices, allowing users to access and control them from virtually anywhere with network connectivity. This remote accessibility is particularly valuable in applications where physical access to the DAQ device is limited or impractical.

In laboratory and research settings, web-enabled data loggers are used for a wide range of data acquisition and analysis tasks. They can interface with scientific instruments, test equipment, and measurement sensors to collect data on experimental variables, conduct research experiments, and analyze scientific phenomena. Remote data logger devices offer high-speed data acquisition capabilities, precise synchronization, and advanced triggering options, making them suitable for applications such as signal analysis, waveform generation, and time-domain measurements.

Remote data loggers also find applications in structural health monitoring, condition monitoring, and predictive maintenance. By connecting to sensors installed on machinery, equipment, or infrastructure, these devices can continuously monitor vibration levels, temperature variations, and other indicators of equipment health. By analyzing the collected data in real-time, operators can detect early signs of equipment degradation, identify potential faults or failures, and take proactive measures to prevent downtime and optimize maintenance schedules.

The WebDAQ Series of internet data loggers are our most popular remote devices and support Wi-Fi adapters to turn your web-enabled device into a Wi-Fi data logger.