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From home automation and IoT to robotics and machine learning, our customizable and flexible solutions provide the building blocks for your own unique ideas. Explore the brilliance that embedded engineers, researchers, scientists, and the perpetually curious are building with Digilent products, tools, and application information.


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Whether it's a project of interest or necessity, you never know when inspiration will strike. That's why we proudly present community projects and creations for your exploration and inspiration.


Digilent Projects

Our team of engineers is constantly making things with Digilent products, to explore ideas and demonstrate the possibilities.

Take a peek at Digilent projects on our Digilent Reference.  Every product has a Resource Center, the central hub of technical content. You'll find not only projects but also Getting Started guides, reference manuals, schematics, tutorials, and direct links to our technical support forum. Everything you need to get going.

Explore developer projects on the Official Digilent Github. Review code, build software, and learn from others who are moving ideas forward with Digilent products.