Debug, Validation & Test Applications

Ditch the benchtop and use what you need.

A benchtop full of test and measurement products can get overwhelming (and expensive). How much of the functionality do you actually need, though? Digilent's test and measurement products prioritize the portability, precision, and multi-purpose flexibility that you require, giving you the reins to create the perfect application for your own unique test needs.

All Digilent test and measurement devices connect to our free software, WaveForms. WaveForms provides an intuitive user interface that combines the built-in benchtop functionality you need with the flexibility to write custom or automated tests. Discover advanced instruments and features you may not expect.

Debug, Validation & Test

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Oscilloscopes and Waveform Generators

An Oscilloscope is the typical cornerstone of any electronics benchtop. However, the digital world is increasingly introducing mixed signal problems to an engineer’s work. Discovery family products feature an Oscilloscope, Waveform Generator, and a myriad of other mixed signal and mixed domain instruments to ensure the quality of not just the cornerstone of your benchtop, but to make sure you have an entire benchtop at your fingertips.

High Speed Tools

The majority of our devices are designed to handle a wide range of test scenarios, but there are times when speed optimization is the top priority. While still portable and flexible, our high-speed tools are designed for specific scenarios, like a focus on Digital Design maximizing channels and speed, or analog signals up to 0.5 GS.

Remote Labs

Whether a student or lifetime learning engineer, remote labs have become critical in keeping up engineering design speed and output. Without the space or budget for a full benchtop worth of dedicated instruments, a portable and flexible solution has become the norm. Discovery products are designed for portability and include up to 12 instruments, programmability, and a wide range of specifications and interfaces.