Adapters and Canvases

Each test and measurement device features an expansive set of instruments designed to be the first stop shop for test and probing for any development project. With such a wide range of use cases, our test and measurement devices feature generalized connection methods (MTE connectors and pogo pins) that can be used with the included MTE cables, or with our wide selection of test adapters available to buy from the Digilent store. Our expansion modules and adapters are designed to add functionality or provide additional connection options for a wide variety of applications.

Adapters for the Analog Discovery range from the BNC Adapters, designed for use with industry standard BNC probes, to the Transistor Testers, which enables the use of the curve tracer instrument without having to set up reference circuits. The following are the available measurement adapters:

The High-speed Adapter for Digital Discovery ensures signal integrity of high speed signals at the top end of the Digital Discovery's range.

Canvases for the Analog Discovery Studio provide a large prototyping surface and a selection of other features including switchable power supplies, integrated I/O and SMT breakouts and are all magnetically connectable to the Analog Discovery Studio. The following are the available canvases: