BNC Oscilloscope x1/x10 Probes (Pair)

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BNC Probes offer the best signal integrity and highest available bandwidth for connecting an Oscilloscope to a circuit under test and are the standard in the industry. This set of BNC probes features two BNC cables terminated by contraction hook type oscilloscope probes. Both cables are rated for 6 MHz at 1X attenuation, and 100MHz at 10x attenuation. This pair of BNC-terminated oscilloscope probes, has been selected for use with the Analog Discovery in conjunction with the BNC Adapter for the Analog Discovery or with the Analog Discovery Studio.

  • BNC-terminated
  • Selectable 1X/10X input attenuation
  • Contraction hook tip
  • 12cm ground clip
  • Localization sleeve adapts to IC testing
  • Input resistance:
    • 1x1MΩ
    • 10x10MΩ
  • Input capacitance:
    • 1x 70pF – 120pF
    • 10x 13pF – 17pF
  • Bandwidth:
    • 1x DC-6MHz
    • 10x DC-100MHz
  • Product Compliance: 
    • HTC: 9030908911
    • ECCN: 3A992.a

Note: The specifications listed are for the Oscilloscope probes only. When used with a test and Measurement device, make sure to check the specifications of that device to avoid exceeding voltage limitations. 

  • Pair of BNC oscilloscope probes
  • Six plastic color bands
  • Two plastic probe covers
  • Two grounding clips
  • One contraction hook clip

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    Does not work with my MacOS 10.11 or my CentOS Linux install

    Posted by Charles on 19th Apr 2017

    I've read good reviews of this and I've read bad reviews and it seems the concensus is if you are running Windows it works and if you are not, it does not, which is a bummer as it's advertised as running on a Mac (on *NIX system for that matter. I hope to be able to get it to run by digging through the postings of ongoing troubleshooting for this issue. But, at this time, if you are on a Mac or a Linux system, until they can get it to plug and play, I do not recommend this product.

  • 3
    Not consistent quality

    Posted by Digilent Customer on 26th Sep 2016

    Purchased 2 sets (4 probes) - the probes in one set could be compensated OK, however both probes in the other set could not be adequately compensated (one was almost ok, the other didn't even come close)

  • 4
    X1/x10 oscilloscope probes

    Posted by Grady S. on 31st Mar 2016

    Purchased 3 pairs of probes. In each case, one probe had significantly better compensation range than the other. The worst probe & the BNC adapter on channel 2 was always under-compensated. Found if I always use the worst probe on channel 1 & the best on channel 2, then advertised specifications are met.