Blank Canvas for Analog Discovery Studio

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Protoboard has become a common and useful interface for prototyping circuits with through-hole components that require a more permanent connection than a breadboard. The Blank Canvas provides a protoboard like interface for building and testing circuits of all kinds with the Analog Discovery, conveniently integrating the power supplies and some common IC packages into the same Canvas. It also provides a more cost effective replacement or addition to the breadboard canvas with the optional breadboard add-on option. Multiple Blank Canvases can be used to easily swap in and out multiple designs or projects or to provide an individual prototyping surface for multiple students sharing the same Analog Discovery Studio. 

The Blank Canvas provides a prototyping surface in the configuration of two 630 tie point breadboards for the Analog Discovery Studio and connections to the six power supplies (3.3V, 5V, ±12V, ± variable). The large prototyping surface has been wired in the configuration of two standard breadboards with 3 power rails for convenience. The connections to the power supplies are available as copper pads that can be soldered on directly, or the included power supply breadboard can be soldered on for a solderless connection. Eleven breakouts are provided at the top of the board for common IC package types. A custom breadboard for the power supply connections is included, and two solderless breadboards can be optionally added to provide a solderless breadboard surface.

Note: The two optional solderless breadboards come unattached and can be affixed via the included sticky back. Once they are attached it is almost impossible to remove them. The power supply breadboard is included (not attached) and can be soldered on.

For a tutorial, Reference manual and other documentation, view the Support Materials Tab


  • Product Compliance:
    • HTC: 8537109170
    • ECCN: EAR99

Blank Canvas:

  • Blank Canvas
  • 2x12 power breadboard (not attached)
  • Plastic Canvas Case

 Blank Canvas with Breadboard:

  • Blank Canvas
  • 2x12 power breadboard (not attached)
  • Plastic Canvas Case
  • Regular-sized breadboard with two power rails
  • Regular-sized breadboard with one power rail

The resource center for the Blank Canvas is the central hub of technical content for the device, and contains everything to get started and reduce mean time to test. This includes a getting started guide, documentation, tutorials, example projects and a link to technical support. 

Resource Center