Digital Trainer Canvas for Analog Discovery Studio

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The Digital Trainer Canvas is a replaceable and removable prototyping surface for the Analog Discovery Studio and features an array of common digital circuit components like switches and LEDs, making it well-suited for introductory coursework teaching digital electronics.

The bulk of the Digital Trainer Canvas consists of 2 regular sized breadboards and two power rails. At the top of the board, three small breadboards contain the access pins for the power supplies, switches, and LEDs. Sixteen switches and LEDs are integrated into the canvas. The power supply access pins can be switched ON / OFF via the power supply switch and the status is indicated by the POWER indicator LED. The Digital Trainer Canvas is used with or without the Analog Discovery Studio.


  • Two regular-sized breadboards
  • Integrated LEDs and switches
  • Voltage selection jumper for array of switches
  • Two power rails
  • Direct access to fixed +5 V and +3.3 V supply pins
  • Canvas power enable switch and LED indicator

Product Compliance: 

  • HTC: 8537.10.9150
  • ECCN: EAR99
  • Digital Trainer Canvas

The Resource Center for the Digital Trainer Canvas is the central hub of technical content for the device, and contains everything to get started and reduce mean time to test. This includes a getting started guide, documentation, tutorials, example projects and a link to technical support.