Using the ADP3450's Linux Mode to Send Data to MATLAB via TCP

The Analog Discovery Pro's (ADP3450/ADP3250) Linux mode feature enables some truly powerful techniques for offloading data to other applications for further processing. This video, created by Ryan D'Amato, showcases how you can make use of Linux mode to send data over TCP from an ADP3450 to MATLAB. Importantly, the ADP3450 and the computer running MATLAB don't even need to be located in the same room - as long as they are both connected to the same network, MATLAB can send requests to a small Python server running on the ADP3450, which can then go out and make acquisitions and perform experiments, before returning acquired data back to the MATLAB script for further processing and display.


To reproduce the proof-of-concept setup that Ryan created, you will need:


    • MATLAB source file:
      • TCP.m
    • Python source files to be moved to the Analog Discovery Pro:

Note: Some tearing can be seen at the end of acquisitions in the video, due to a bug where WaveForms SDK undercounts the number of samples required for a recording of a specified length. This has been accounted for in the script provided for download.