MATLAB® Support for MCC Products

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MATLAB® Support for MCC Products
Software Environment for Data Acquisition, Data Analysis, and Application Development
  • Supported by MATLAB’s Data Acquisition Toolbox™ for many MCC products
  • Communicate with data acquisition hardware and measure data to be streamed live
  • Data collected using the test and measurement tools can be imported directly into the MATLAB workspace for fast and accurate data analysis, data manipulation, and pre- and post-processing
  • Now supports 64-bit (R2017a) and 32-bit (prior to R2016a) versions of MATLAB

MATLAB® is a software environment for data acquisition (DAQ) and analysis, and application development. The MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox supports MCC data acquisition (DAQ) devices, and allows data streaming and analysis live into MATLAB. Collected data can be brought into the MATLAB for fast and accurate analysis and manipulation.



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Support for USB-1408FS in Matlab
I am trying to use Matlab to read data from a USB-1408FS. I have installed the required hardware support and daq. Running InstaCal shows the board being recognized. Also, running daq.getVendors shows Number of vendors: 2 index ID Operational Comment —– — ———– ———————— 1 ni false Click here for more info 2 mcc false Click here for more info However, when I run daq.getDevices I get Unable to detect 'mcc' hardware: Driver command failed with status code: -226. this occurs both with Matlab R2019 and Matlab R2020. This board works fine with DAQami. Is it any way we can get this working with Matlab?
While DAQami does not use InstaCal’s configuration file, DAQami uses our CBW64.DLL, which is the same DLL that MATLAB’s DAQ Toolbox calls into. MATLAB does require that the DAQ device be listed in InstaCal, as InstaCal creates a text configuration file for the hardware. If InstaCal works OK with your USB-1408FS, then you would need to contact The Mathworks for support, as they do list their DAQ Toolbox as being compatible with the USB-1408FS.
MATLAB support for USB-1024HLS
Is there a way to control the USB-1024HLS unit from MATLAB (say 32-bit version of 2012b)? Datasheet claims yes. However, Mathworks website shows just DAQs support.
The Mathworks creates, and provides the support for, the MATLAB driver for MCC brand hardware. For 64-bit MATLAB, they have not added DIO support yet to their MCC Session driver. They did have DIO support for MCC in 32-bit MATLAB, per the following link. You would have had to purchase the 32-bit DAQ Toolbox from them.
Redlab 1008 matlab
Hello , I would like to ask a question , I have the Redlab 1008 from Meilhaus and would like to control it via Matlab. According to the Meilhaus website: “MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox supports InstaCal version 5.89 or higher (analog inputs and outputs (no streaming) are supported). Digital inputs/outputs as well as triggered acquisition are not supported)”. it is then possible to control via Matlab. But when I entered “daq.getDevices” there is a message “No data acquisition devices available” Although I opened Instacal at the same time. How can I then configure the Redlab in Matlab? Thank you
The 1008 (also known as the miniLAB 1008) was supported by The Mathworks in their now-obsolete 32-bit MATLAB DAQ Toolbox. The Mathworks does not list the miniLAB 1008 as being compatible with their current (64-bit only) MATLAB DAQ Toolbox, though a similar model (USB-1208LS) is listed. You should not have InstaCal and any other application that talks to the DAQ hardware (such as MATLAB) open at the same time.
USB 1808 is not supported with Matlab
Is it possible to use USB 1808 with Matlab?
Yes. According to MATLABs web site, support for the USB-1808 was added with the release the Data Acquisition ToolBox R2018b.
PCIe-DIO24 device currently not supported
When I try to set-up the DIO24 card I get the error message it is currently not supported. However in the manual it states it is compatible with the matlab acquisition toolbox. The command daq.getVendors shows: 2 mcc true Measurement Computing Corp. But the command daq.getDevices shows: mcc: Measurement Computing Corp. PCIe-DIO24 * (Device ID: 'Board0') * Device currently not supported. See documentation on Unsupported Devices for more information.
For the now-obsolete 32-bit MATLAB, The Mathworks did include support for the PCIe-DIo24 to their DAQ Toolbox. For the current 64-bit MATLAB, there is a note on The Mathwork’s website that DIO is not yet support in their MCC driver. You should contact them, since they are the ones that develop the DAQ Toolbox.
USB-1608G incompatible with Matlab session-based interface?
I have the USB-1608G and Matlab R2018a. In this version of Matlab, it is mandatory to use the session-based interface. This means that my code, which uses the legacy commands, won't run. I've downloaded the DAQ support package (, however I noticed that the USB-1608G is not listed as a supported product. Consistent with this, when I open up the Data Acquisition Tool, the USB-1608G is not listed as a device. Is there really no support for the USB-1608G in newer versions of Matlab? Will I have to run older versions of Matlab if I want to keep using the USB-1608G?
The list you refer to is the list that The Mathworks officially tested. Other DAQ models (such as the USB-1608G) can be used. Prior to launching MATLAB, the MCC brand DAQ module must be recognized by, and configured in InstaCal. Once in MATLAB, the command daq.getVendors should return an answer with ‘mcc’ as a vendor. Additionally, the command daq.getDevices will return a list of recognized MCC DAQ devices (i.e. devices previously discovered by InstaCal).
How to change the voltage ranges for the USB-1208FS with MatLab R2017a?
Hi! I thought it must be done with InstCal but it only allows to change the input mode of the channels but not the voltage range. In MatLab it is possible to see the right property after adding the channels but it READ ONLY! With singled ended channels the range is +/- 10V and with differential +/-20V. There is no way to set for example +/- 2.5 V?
For the USB-1208FS model, in single-ended mode, the hardware has only one input range (+/- 10V). But in differential mode, there are 8 ranges. Be sure not to have MATLAB and InstaCal open at the same time, in case MATLAB is not picking up the differential setting made in InstaCal. Close both all the way, and open just one or the other. This is the likely cause, since MATLAB has been confirmed to work properly (MATLAB does list 8 input ranges with this DAQ model in differential mode).
Why sample rate is limited to 1MHz for PCI-DAS4020/12 in MATLAB 2017?
When using InstaCal, I can configure the scan rate to 10MHz, but in MATLAB the top rate is at 1MHz. Is there a way to increase that?
Hello - That sounds like rate limit decision that needs to be fixed at the sessions driver level, as the hardware can run faster. Please contact The Mathworks to report the issue.
Trigger to analog input in MAtlab
I am trying to create a program for acquiring data with an MCC USB-1602 device with the session-based approach in Matlab 2017a. I have downloaded Measurement Computings hardware support package. I can create a session and add channels to it. I can use it to gather data. So far everything is ok. The problem is that I cannot add triggers to the session object. When I use the function “addTriggerConnection” I get the following error: “Method 'addTriggerConnection' is not supported on objects of class 'daq.sdk.Session'.” When I try to debug, I feel like there are things missing from the vendor specific session subclass. Am I perhaps missing something here?
The Mathworks recently released this driver, and they note on their website that it does not support triggered acquisition. You could contact them to request a timeframe for adding this feature.
Matlab 2017 support
I see from previous answers that MCC is supported in the 2017a version of Matlab. I have this version and still cannot use mcc for the session-based daq toolbox. I attempt to use the “daq.createSession” command in Matlab, but MCC is Not among the supported vendors. Please advise.
In addition to having MathWorks’ Data Acquisition Toolbox for MATLAB R2017a installed, the user must also download and install the ‘Data Acquisition Toolbox Support Package for Measurement Computing Hardware’ from them: Also, prior to launching MATLAB R2017a, the MCC daq device must be configured in InstaCal (then keep InstaCal closed).
BTH-1208LS from Matlab over Bluetooth
Can the BTH-1208LS be used from Matlab over Bluetooth ?
Yes, the BTH-1208LS is supported under MATLABs 2017a Data Acquisition Toolbox release.
Matlab interface example
I could not find any example for usb 1608 FS to interface with matlab? The provided video seems not right when I input command “analoginput('mcc',0)”, the matlab does not recognize the DAQ device. Could you make some tutorials or some source to share with us on how to write DAQ interface using matlab with measurement compution devices? Thanks
The video is valid for the USB-1608FS as well. First, make sure the USB-1608FS is assigned board # 0 in InstaCal. Do not have InstaCal and MATLAB open at the same time. Also make sure you have 32-bit MATLAB (not 64-bit, as it will have a new driver from The Mathworks sometime next year). You will also need to install MATLAB’s Data Acquisition Toolbox.
When will MCC have drivers to support Matlab 64-bit?
Given that Matlab is now 64-bit only, we need 64-bit MCC drivers to be compatible with 64-bit Matlab. Is this in the works? Do you have an ETA?
MCC is pleased to announce that MathWorks has recently released MATLAB R2017a (64 bit version) which now includes support for MCC devices.
Can I use mccdaq as a DC current source?
I have the usb 3106 device. I'm trying to use the analog outputs of the device as a current source. Most tutorials online show the generation of waveforms. I'd like to know if i can generate a DC current output similar to the test function on instacal but for application purposes
MCC is pleased to announce that MathWorks has recently released MATLAB R2017a (64 bit version) which now includes support for MCC devices.
How to Install 1408FS for Matlab 2014a
Hi, I have a 1408FS device that I am trying to use with Matlab 2014a (64 bit on Win 7). I had installed all the drivers from the CD provided and checked for the hardware in Instacal. It shows and works fine. But when I do a daq.Getdevices in Matlab it s
The USB-202 and/or the USB-205 are both capable of running a control sequence like the one you described below. However, DAQami does not provide this form of customization. DAQami can acquire data and can also generate signals but there is no correlation between the inputs and the outputs, they run independent of each other. To develop a program like the one below you will need to use one of the following options: Our Universal Library for .NET, our ULx drivers for LabVIEW, or our DASYLab Graphical programming language.
Programming USB-3106 for current output
Hi. I want to control current and use full-16bit resolution using MATLAB. In InstaCal, I can change D/A range to 0-20mA so that I can control current. And also, I can give a value of 0 to 65535 so that I can use 16 bit resolution for control output.
Hello - The range for each channel on the USB-3100 Series is indeed set in InstaCal. At our library level, values of 0 to 65535 are accepted, with 0 corresponding to minus full scale, and 65535 corresponding to plus full scale. Since you report that MATLAB is assuming the output range is a voltage, then you should be able to send out fractional voltages. You should be able to achieve the desired “current” resolution by requesting to output a voltage with enough significant digits to the right of the decimal point. Four places to the right of the decimal point, i.e. 0.0001 volts, will be more than enough.
The version of matlab for PMD-1608FS
I want to acquire signal with PMD-1608FS under matlab enviornment. what version of matlab at least is available for PMD-1608FS? Thanks.
The MathWorks added support for the USB-1608FS, and its previous name (PMD-1608FS), many years ago. There is a list on The MathWorks’ website which details the version needed (of their DAQ Toolbox) for each supported DAQ model. For USB-1608FS, they list R14SP3+ (version 2.8). For PMD-1608FS, they list R14 (version 2.5).
Problem with data acquisition with mcc (usb-1208FS-Plus) in Matlab
Hello, Why, when I try to use data acquisition with mcc (usb-1208FS-Plus) with Data Acquisition Toolbox with Matlab i have this message as answer : Warning: Board not found in mwmcc.ini file. Board is not supported but may work. When my command is daq.get
The Mathworks added official support for the USB-1208FS-PLUS in their R2013b release.
Question the update speed of usb-3101
Since I want to control the voltage of output analog channel by matlab program through USB in real time, may i know the response time and update speed from matlab program to the analog channel?? is it the update speed equal the 100KS/s?? how long do the
Be sure not to confuse the USB-3101FS with the USB-3101, since they are quite different. The USB-3101 hardware can only be updated at a rate of 100 Hz divided by the number of channels used. MATLAB likely can keep right up with this slow rate. The 100 KHz USB-3101FS model is not supported by the Mathwork’s DAQ Toolbox for MATLAB.
Programming USB-1208FS in MATLAB to read the analog input and the analog output
How can I read the analog input from USB-1208FS in MATLAB and and run some process by using analog output and how i can using the digital input/out put by using data acquisition toolbox in matlab2008b
If the board is listed properly in InstaCal, then you should contact The Mathworks for support of MATLAB and their Data Acquisition Toolbox.