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WaveForms Live
Browser and Mobile Instrumentation Software
  • Oscilloscope
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • GPIO
  • Logic Analyzer
  • Power Supply
  • Cursors
  • Signal Analysis
  • Data Export
Supported Hardware

Despite our hopes and effort to create an innovative and low-cost T&M solution, we’ve received consistent negative feedback on the OpenScope MZ and OpenLogger regarding overall reliability that has led us to determine that it is not up to our high standards for our test and measurement products.

Unfortunately, we are unable to fix many of the issues, so we have made the difficult decision to pull both products, and related accessories from our shelves. This will allow us to ensure we can continue to deliver on the Digilent brand promise and focus our efforts on expanding our popular and core line of Test and Measurement Products.

The materials on this page will remain here as legacy sources. Any Digilent provided support for this material will be extremely limited at best. Thank you for understanding.

WaveForms Live makes it easy to control and interact with instrumentation hardware by providing a cross platform graphical user interface that combines support for an oscilloscope, logic analyzer, GPIO, power supply and more into a single application.

WaveForms live is free and open source. Try it now at WaveFormsLive.com.


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