How to Update Standard Mode Firmware on the Analog Discovery Pro (ADP3450/ADP3250)


This guide walks through the process of updating the firmware used in Standard mode. Keep your device's firmware up to date to ensure that you have access to the latest tweaks and improvements, and to ensure that your WaveForms installation can talk to your device without issue. This process is performed using the WaveForms application and only takes a few minutes.

If you also want to ensure that Linux Mode is up to date, check out How to Update or Recover Linux Mode on the Analog Discovery Pro (ADP3450/ADP3250) after running through this guide.


  • A computer with WaveForms installed, version 3.16.3 or later
  • Your Analog Discovery Pro (ADP3450/ADP3250)


Launch the WaveForms application and open the Device Manager, with the device connected to the host computer through USB. Click Update Device to have WaveForms automatically update the firmware.

If this button doesn't appear, the device firmware is up to date.

WaveForms will tell you not to power off or unplug the device while it is updating. Click Yes to continue.

Once the update is complete, click OK to confirm and reboot the device.

Other Resources

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