Breadboard Wire Kit

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Traditional breadboard wires are a handy compliment to a solderless breadboard for debugging, but tend to be hard to trace when debugging and fall out easy when stashing the completed circuit in a backpack. This wire kit provides bendable low profile breadboard wires that are designed to fit snuggly in a breadboard with the length of the wire sitting just on top of the breadboards circuit. With no dangling wires, circuits will stay in place and debugging is a breeze.

This wire kit includes 140 wires of various lengths and colors to ensure any project you create can be completely neat and orderly. They come pre-sorted in a handy and durable plastic box. 

  • 140 Wires segments
  • 0.22ga jumper wires
  • pre-stripped ends sized to fit in a breadboard
  • Contained in a hard plastic box
  • 140 breadboard wires
  • Hard Plastic box