Analog Parts Kit by Analog Devices: Companion Parts Kit for the Analog Discovery

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Whether you are getting started or a long time engineer picking a selection of parts to stock a lab can be a daunting task. Parts Kits provide a useful selection of parts to help get started. The Analog Parts Kit (ADALP2000) contains a large selection of components perfect for creating a wide variety of useful circuits and devices. Featuring components from Analog Devices®, the kit includes transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, sensors, and a variety of useful ICs including op-amps, convertors, and regulators. Finally, the kit also comes with an assortment of lead wires, a solderless breadboard, and a screwdriver. 

The Analog Parts Kit is curated and supplied by Analog Devices, therefore the parts kit is subject to change that is not controlled by Digilent and may not be reflected on this page. A link to the Analog Devices datasheet for the kit, including a list of parts, is located in the Support Materials tab.

Digilent also offers the myParts Kit from TI, which provides a set of standard components well-suited to digital applications, like logic gates and A/D and D/A converters.

  • Product Compliance: 
    • HTC: 8536908585
    • ECCN: EAR99
Image Part Number Description Link
ad22151.png AD22151* Magnetic Field Sensor AD22151
ad5626.png  AD5626* 12-Bit Digital to Analog Converter  AD5626
ad7920.png  AD7920*  12-Bit Analog to Digital Converter  AD7920
ad8210.png  AD8210*  Current Shunt Monitor  AD8210
ad8226.png  AD8226*  Instrumentation Amplifier  AD8226
ad8542.png  AD8542*  CMOS Rail to Rail Op Amp  AD8542
adp3300.png  ADP3300  3.3V, 50mA Linear Regulator(LDO)  ADP3300
adtl082.png  ADTL082*  JFET Op-Amp  ADTL082
adxl327.png  ADXL327  3-Axis Low-G Accelerometer  ADXL327
lt3092.png  LT3092  Programmable Current Source  LT3092
ltc1541.png  LTC1541*  Microppower Amp, Comparator, & Reference  LTC1541
bob-ltm8067.png  LTM8067  Isolated DC-DC Converter  LTM8067
bob-hph1-0190.png  HPH1-0190  Hexa-Path Transformer  HPH1-0190
bob-hph1-1400.png  HPH1-1400  Hexa-Path Transformer  HPH1-1400
bob-audio.png  SJ-43515TS-SMT-TR  TRRS Microphone In  SJ-43515TS-SMT-TR
bob-usb.png  ZX62D-B-5PA8(30)  Micro USB Connector  
ad584.jpg  AD584  Programmable Voltage Reference  AD584
ad592.jpg  AD592  Current Temperature Sensor  AD592
ad654.jpg  AD654  Voltage to Frequency Converter  AD654
ad2210.jpg  AD22100  Voltage Temperature Sensor  AD22100
ad8561.jpg  AD8561  Comparator  AD8561
dip-lt3080.png  LT3080  Adjustable 1.1A LDO  LT3080
dip-ltc1043.png  LTC1043  Precision Switch-CAP Block  LTC1043
dip-ltc1054.png  LTC1054  Switched-Capacitor Regulator  LTC1054
dip-ltc1485.png  LTC1485  Differential Bus Transceiver  LTC1485
op27.jpg  OP27  Low Noise, Precision Op Amp  OP27
op37.jpg  OP37  Precision Op Amp  OP37
dip-op97.png  OP97  Low Noise, Precision Op Amp  OP97
op482.jpg  OP482  High Speed JFET Op Amp  OP482
op484.jpg  OP484  Precision Rail to Rail Op Amp  OP484
tmp01.jpg  TMP01  Temperature Controller  TMP01
dip-sn74hc04n.png  SN74HC04N  Hex Inverter  SN74HC04N
dip-sn74hc08n.png  SN74HC08N  Quad AND Gate  SN74HC08N
dip-sn74hc32n.png  SN74HC32N  Quad OR Gate  SN74HC32N
dip-sn74hc273n.png  SN74HC273N  Octal Flip Flop  SN74HC273N
breadboard-small.png  Solderless Breadboard  Solderless Breadboard  
jumper-wires.png  Jumper Wires  Male to Male Jumper Wires  
screwdriver.png  Screwdriver  Flathead Screwdriver  
microphone.png  Microphone  Microphone  
speaker-front.png  Speaker  8-ohm Speaker  
qsc114.jpg  QSC114  Infrared Transistor T-1  QSC114
thermister.jpg  B57164K103J  10kΩ Thermistor 5mm lead coated disk  B57164K103J
power-res.jpg  SQP10AJB-6R2  6.2Ω 10W Power Resistor Axial Cement Link  SQP10AJB-6R2
pots.png    3386C-1-502LF  Single Turn 5kΩ Potentiometer Datasheet   
 3386C-1-103LF  Single Turn 10kΩ Potentiometer
 3386C-1-503LF  Single Turn 50kΩ Potentiometer
transistor.jpg  2N3904  NPN General Purpose Transistor TO-92 Link Marking: 2N3904  2N3904
transistor.jpg  2N3906  PNP General Purpose Transistor TO-92 Link Marking: 2N3906  2N3906
irf510.jpg  IRF510  N-Channel MOSFET 100V TO-220 Link Marking: IRF510  IRF510
tip31.jpg  TIP31CFS  NPN Epitaxial Transistor TO-220 Link Marking: TIP31  TIP31CFS
tip32.jpg  TIP32CFS  PNP Epitaxial Transisitor TO-220 Link Marking: TIP32  TIP32CFS
zvn2110a.jpg  ZVN2110A  N-Channel Enhancement FET TO-92 Link Marking: ZVN211  ZVN2110A
leds.jpg  various LEDs (red, yellow, Green)  T-1 3/4 Link  
qed-123.jpg  QED-123  Infrared LED T-1 3/4  QED-123
qsd123.jpg  QSD123  Infrared Photo Transistor T-1  QSD123
1n914.jpg  1N3064  Small Signal Diode DO-35 Link  1N3064
1n4001.jpg  1N4001  50V General Purpose Rectifier DO-204 Link  1N4001
1n914.jpg  1N4735  6.2V (or 3.6V) Zener Diode DO-41 Link  1N4735
1n914.jpg  1N914  Small Signal Diode DO-35 Link  1N914
qsc114.jpg  OP999  Photodiode T-1¾  OP999
  • RFB0807-1R0L 
  • RFB0807-100L
  • RFB0807-101L
  • RFB0807-102L
  • RFB0807-103L
  • 1uH Inductor 5mm radial Link 
  • 10uH Inductor 5mm radial Link
  • 100uH Inductor 5mm radial Link
  • 100uH Inductor 5mm radial Link
  • 10m Inductor 5mm radial Link

*Please Note: All IC parts denoted with an asterisk (*) have a reverse pin orientation, as displayed in the image below. All other ICs not marked have standard pin orientation. 


Quickly find what you need to get started.


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  • 5
    Best Price

    Posted by Digilent Customer on 12th Oct 2020

    Great selection of components, ICs, and modules for a great price. Some of these components can be pricey on their own.

  • 5
    Very good

    Posted by profpoochie on 19th May 2020

    parts are good

  • 5
    ADALP2000 -

    Posted by walidantar on 9th Mar 2020

    no complains at all. i received it in a good condition. mainly i chosen this kit for the set of chips included specially the analog devices chips that are breadboard friendly .. all the components including the breadboard are good quality

  • 5
    Well organized product!

    Posted by Dennis Romero on 4th Feb 2020

    The parts kit is required for a course at ASU. It's very well organized and has great components. I wish my eyesight was better to read the text on the capacitors and see the bands of color on resistors. Only improvement would be a to include a small magnifying glass in the kit.

  • 5
    1st use user.

    Posted by Digilent Customer on 14th Dec 2019

    I have only examined the components contained. I have been using the component package that came with my Discovery 2. This new one is similar but contains many items not contained in the former. I especially liked the dip plug-in parts. In both packages. Lot of entertainment & education for the price.

  • 5
    Conveniently arranged needed parts

    Posted by Amrat on 19th Aug 2019

    Very convenient as wide range of parts are supplied make hobby electronic experiment more fun

  • 5
    Convenient set of parts for the Real Analog course

    Posted by Marcial Gomez Varas on 6th Mar 2019

    You could (in theory) find all the required parts for the Real Analog course online in one of the big distributors, but they've already packaged them for your. The set comes with all the parts sorted by shape (so look at the labels!), but it's neatly organized and makes it very easy to transport it anywhere (I'm frequent flyer!). As some other people has mentioned, some of the SMD components are in convenient DIP adapters, and that alone saves quite a bit of soldering time! Along with the analog discovery 2, I bet it will bring me many hours of entertainment learning electronics.

  • 5
    Worth the price.

    Posted by Joel on 18th Dec 2017

    The workmanship on the IC's that are pre-made for a breadboard is excellent. It is getting difficult buying through-hole components to use on the breadboard. Too many places selling factory rejects for a bargain price. I already have resistors and stuff. Hate buying the stuff that I already have. But, then again, Nobody made you buy it. If you had to purchase the kit for a class and you dont have the extras, The price is fair.

  • 5
    Interesting selection of components; fun to work with!

    Posted by RCG on 15th Feb 2017

    This is a good selection of quality components, which I have enjoyed using both with the Analog Discovery 2 and with the Arduino. It is well packaged and clearly described. It is not an inexpensive kit, but a good value if you will use most of its components.