OpenScope MZ Hardware Change Log

Rev F

Initial Release.

Rev G

  1. 200 ohm protection resistors on all LA (PORTE) pins
  2. D-Flip/Flop to tie the FTDI clock to the MZ
    1. To enable potential increased baud rates (above 1.25 Mbaud) in future firmware / software updates.
  3. No Load of the power jumper (JP3) and a cutable trace on the power
  4. Changed the 1uF Cap on the MRF24 (805) to a 10uF cap
    1. Add bulk capacitance to 3v3 rail to better handle inrush current.
  5. Added a 10uF cap (603) on the uSD card
    1. To avoid potential voltage drop when an out of spec SD card is inserted.
  6. Updated Rev and date