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Included Out-of-the-Box Software for IOtech DAQ Series, and Personal Daq/3000 Series
  • Included with all IOtech DAQ Series and Personal Daq/3000 Series products
  • Spreadsheet-style channel configuration and set-up
  • Real-time displays include Digital, Dial, Bar Graph, Strip Chart, and Scope
  • Real-time storage to disk
  • Scaling and averaging functions built-in
  • Setpoint output configuration mode
  • Export directly to Excel® and MATLAB®, plus a wide variety of output formats including Text, DIAdem®, DASYLab®, .wav, UFFA, and UFFB
  • Overlay recorded with real-time data
  • Frequency analysis and display
  • Supported Windows® Operating Systems: Windows 7/Vista/XP SP2,

DaqView data acquisition (DAQ) software verifies signal connections, acquires and logs data to disk, and displays real-time data from IOtech DAQ Series and Personal Daq/3000 Series hardware. Provides easy configuration with spreadsheet-style screen, export to Excel®, increased charts/scope capabilities, and many other features.


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I have a Daqbook 112, which windows version will work for.what version of Daqview will support
Please specify the Operating system Windows will work with Daq board 112A.Which version of Daq view supports Daq Board 112A. where I can download it.
The DaqBook/112 uses an older version of DaqVIEW that only runs on Windows XP. The User Manual is available in the resource center above.
I do not see DaqView in device manager
Trying to connect to Daqlab 2005. Installed version9.0 on a Windows 7 Professional laptop. Do not see how to add device.
The DAQLab/2005 is an Ethernet device. It can be connected to the computer directly via the network adapter port or plugged into a network via a network switch. The DAQLab/2005 does not require a crossover cable, it can be plugged directly into a computer or network. It is best to have the computer already running, then turn on the DAQLab/2005 and wait about 1 minute for the device to auto-negotiate with the network or PC. Of course you can manually set the IP address of the DAQLab/2005, but it can do DHCP. Once it has connected itself to the PC, run DaqIPConfig.exe (Start » All Programs » DaqX Software » DaqIPConfig). If the device is connected to the network, this program will find it, display the Device name (DAQLab/2005), the IP address and the Serial number. You can also use this app to change the IP address of the unit if needed (don’t do this if using DHCP) Keep DaqIPConfig running, and launch DaqXCPL.exe (Start » All Programs » DaqX Software » DaqXCPL). Run them side by side. Left mouse click on ‘Add Device’ button, the Select Device Type dialog box appears. From the Device Type combo box, select the DAQLab/2005 and click on ‘OK’, the DAQ* Configuration dialog box appears. Referring to the DaqIPConfig app or the serial number sticker located on the DAQLab/2005, enter the serial number of the device into the DAQ* Configuration dialog, and press ‘OK’. Now you can close both apps and run DaqView. If this is the first time DaqView has been run or if a different DAQ device is no longer present, click on “Select Device”. When the Select Device dialog appears, select your DAQLab/2005 and click on ‘OK’, and you are ready to go.
Can be measured simultaneously differential and single channels?
Hello, we bought a omb daq 3001 for the fluid mechanics Lab some years ago. We have always use it for measure pressure with single channels. Nowadays we need to measure pressure as well as temperature (with thermocouples), but we can't select single or differential for each channel in the DaqView. What should we do?
Hello - Depending on the age of your DaqBoard/2000 it may not work in newer computer that support the 3.3 volt PCI bus. Look at the connector that plugs into the PCI slot – it should have two slots which means it works with both the 5 volt PCI and the 3.3 volt PCI.
Can I use this card with a new operating system Windows 8 , 64 bits. I tried but I could not succeed?
I am the lecturer of Instrumentation and Measurement course in Marmara University. We have some IOtech hardwares in our lab such as PCI daqboard 2000. Can I use this card with a new operating system Windows 8 , 64 bits. I tried but I could not succeed? what should I do?
I’m sorry but the DaqView software does not allow individual channels to set to either single ended (SE) or differentially ended (DE). It’s all one way or the other.
Can I connect a daq 56 with this sw?
DaqView is not compatible with the PersonalDaq/56. For the PersonalDaq/56 you will need to use PersonalDaqView.
How to get DaqView to log Absolute Time
I cannot seem to get DaqView (connected to a DaqBook 2020), to log in “absolute” time.Even when checked “relative” time is the only time logged. Scan interval is set to 1 scan per minute so speed should not be the problem.
The DaqView software was never given the ability to read system time and because of this there is no possibility for an absolute timestamp. Instead you may want to consider upgrading to the DASYLab software as it has both absolute and relative time stamping capabilities. Overall the DASYLab software provides a better file handling experience.