OpenLogger - Log on Boot

Log on Boot configures the OpenLogger to automatically start logging data after it has finished booting, without the need to open WaveForms Live.

This guide describes how to to get Log on Boot working for the OpenLogger.

Configure the OpenLogger

On, click on the connected OpenLogger to connect to the device and navigate to the Instrument Panel.

In the control panel to the right, expand the Advanced section.

Click the Log On Boot toggle to enable it. Clicking 'Refresh' to apply the new Log on Boot settings.

When enabled, the device will save the current parameters to a file that is read when the OpenLogger boots. If set to log to SD, the device will check to see if the SD card exists, wait for the SD card file system to initialize and then start logging if all is good.

NOTE: When logging to the SD card, the SD file system may be corrupted if the board is reset. To prevent this, hit the program button (PROG) and logging will stop cleanly by writing all headers and closing the files. The board may then be safely reset and logging will start again. On each reboot a new logging session is created, so previous logs won't be overwritten. Up to 1000 sessions (restarts) may exist on the SD card.

When setting Log On Boot, the OpenLogger must either be manually started or rebooted to start the initial logging session.