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Welcome to the Digilent Forum!

If you have a question about a Digilent product (i.e. what sort of resources are available; can I run this particular application on this product; I'm following some reference material for the board but it's not working; I turned on my board but it's not powering on; I have this project in mind, what board do you recommend using; how does ), please post them in the appropriate section of the Digilent Technical Forums. This way, a Digilent engineer will be able to see and respond to your question directly instead of it being passed around through other channels before eventually reaching a Digilent engineer.

If you have a specific sales question about a Digilent product (i.e. are there bulk discounts; does my company receive a discount; how does academic pricing work; what payment and shipping options are there), please contact our sales team by emailing sales at digilent dot com.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take before I receive a response?
    • We try to respond within 48 business hours. The reason for this is that there are only about 2 or 3 Digilent staff members that respond to Forum questions with only 1 of them with responding to Forum questions as their primary role. There is also a likely possibility that the staff member resides in a different timezone, so it may be several hours (or longer if it is still the non-business weekend hours) before a staff member sees your post.
  • Is there a phone number I can call to get support?
    • Unfortunately no. The reality is that most questions require images, screenshots, and blocks of text to be shown, which a verbal conversation simply does not support. Additionally, the limited number of staff makes it so that even if it was the appropriate medium to communicate, we would not able to help the all of the customers in a reasonable time frame.
  • If not a phone number, how about an email address?
    • Unfortunately no direct emails are available either. This reasoning is due to the philosophy and spirit of the forum, which is to create a public knowledgebase where users can see the full interactions of questions and responses so that outside viewers can benefit from the process at their own pace and on their own time without having to wait for responses from a Digilent engineer. The openness of the forum also helps mitigate the number of duplicate questions because if you have a question, odds are somebody before you as well as somebody after you will have the same question.
  • I don't want to register for your forum to publicly post my question, what can I do instead?
    • If you don't want register for the forum, the short answer is you don't have to. But, if you want your question answered, you will need to do so. If you contact Digilent through the main store page with your question instead of registering for the forum, our web team (whom I can guarantee does not know the answer to your question if it is technical in any way and not strictly sales related) will forward your email to their contact within Digilent who will then ask you to post your question on the Digilent forum, possibly wasting days of your company time when you could have posted directly.
    • If you feel your question should not be publicly posted due to proprietary reasons, then all we can recommend is to find a way to ask your question that does not reveal sensitive information, but still gets at the root problem. We can also assure you that no personal information about you (such as your email address or IP Address) is publicly visible. Please review our Privacy Policy, https://forum.digilent.com/privacy/, for more information.