Configuring a Windows System to Use MCC Hardware With MATLAB R2017a

The following information will enable a user with a MCC data acquisition device to use MATLAB R2017a (64-bit sessions).

Prior to launching MATLAB R2017a, a MCC daq device must be configured in InstaCal. Otherwise, you will get a “no devices available” error, in MATLAB. (The latest release of InstaCal can be downloaded from the Support section of MCC’s website.) Also, InstaCal must then be closed before opening MATLAB and should not be opened while MATLAB is running.

In addition to having MATLAB R2017a installed, a user must also have the MathWorks’ Data Acquisition Toolbox ( and the Measurement Computing Hardware Support Package (

If you need to install the toolbox and/or support package, you can do so from within MATLAB®. On the Home tab, in the environment section, click Add-Ons > Get Hardware Support Packages.

Once in the Add-On Explorer, click in the search field and clear any preexisting filters. If you need to install the Data Acquisition Toolbox package, enter ‘data acquisition toolbox’. (Note: the Data Acquisition Toolbox package requires an additional license from MathWorks.)

Next, enter ‘Measurement Computing’ in the search field to find and then install the Data Acquisition Toolbox Support Package for Measurement Computing Hardware package.

After both packages have been installed, launch MATLAB and enter ‘ver’ in the Command Window; see below.

Next, enter ‘d = daq.getVendors’ and MATLAB should return ‘mcc’ as a vendor.

Additionally, ‘d = daq.getDevices’ will return a list of MCC daq devices previously recognized by InstaCal.

Enter 'd(index#)' to view general specs regarding the board specified.

You are now ready to begin developing your application in MATLAB. If you are new to MATLAB, please reference the MathWorks website for learning resources. Else, press the F1 key to open MATLAB’s Help. You can then search MATLAB’s documentation and/or the Data Acquisition Toolbox documentation.