Nexys A7 Pmod Pack

This product is retired and no longer for sale in our store.

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The Nexys A7 Pmod Pack was designed to complement features of the Nexys A7 (previously known as the Nexys 4 DDR), allowing users to expand project possibilities by utilizing a variety of peripheral modules! The Nexys A7 Pmod Pack includes the Pmod TC1, Pmod OLEDrgb, Pmod ENC, Pmod CMPS2, and the Pmod R2R.

Looking to get started with the Nexys A7 Pmod Pack? Check out our easy to use Pmod IP guide.

  • Pmod CMPS2: 3-axis compass
  • Pmod ENC: Rotary encoder
  • Pmod OLEDrgb: 96x64 RBG LED display with 16-bit color resolution
  • Pmod R2R: Resistor ladder D/A converter
  • Pmod TC1: K-type thermocouple module with wire
  • Pmod CMPS2
  • Pmod ENC
  • Pmod OLEDrgb
  • Pmod R2R
  • Pmod TC1