Eclypse Z7 Enclosure Kit

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Protect your investment and give your hardware a sleek, professional appearance with the Eclypse Z7 Enclosure Kit. Machined from black anodized aluminum, the Eclypse Z7 Enclosure Kit provides a sturdy housing for your Eclypse platform hardware.

The front panel of the enclosure provides a power switch and fan as well as access to the Eclypse Z7's status LEDs, power supply connection, microSD card slot, and OTG, JTAG, UART, and Ethernet connections. The rear panel exposes connections to the four SMA connectors of two Zmods installed on the Eclypse Z7 board and the board's 2x6 Pmod connectors. Assembly is required; directions can be found here.

Assembly instructions are available under the Support Materials tab.

The following parts are included in the Eclypse Z7 Enclosure Kit. Assembly is required.

  • Aluminum enclosure
  • Zmod faceplate
  • Main interface faceplate
  • 2x end caps
  • Fan
  • Power switch
  • 8x Enclosure screws (Thread cutting, #6x3/8”)
  • 2× Fan screws (Thread forming, M3x12mm)
  • 8× Zmod screws (M3x5mm)
  • Product Compliance:
    • HTC: 8473305100
    • ECCN: EAR99