Zybo Z7 Academic Pmod Pack

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The Zybo Z7 Academic Pmod Pack was designed to complement the features of the Zybo Z7 Zynq-7000 development board, effectively tailoring the Zybo Z7 for academic applications. The Zybo Z7 Academic Pmod Pack includes the Pmod VGA for driving a VGA display, Pmod AMP2 for audio out using PWM, Pmod SSD for introduction to timing and persistence of vision, plus the Pmod 8LD and Pmod SWT for additional LED's and switches useful in teaching digital logic and other applications.

Looking to get started with the Zybo Z7 Academic Pmod Pack? Check out our easy to use Pmod IP guide.

  • Pmod VGA: Video Graphics Array
  • Pmod SWT: 4 user slide switches
  • Pmod 8LD: Eight high-brightness LEDs
  • Pmod SSD: Seven-segment display
  • Pmod AMP2: Audio amplifier
  • Product Compliance:
    • HTC: 8473301180
    • ECCN: EAR99
  • Pmod VGA
  • Pmod SWT
  • Pmod AMP2
  • Pmod 8LD
  • Pmod SSD