Thermocouple Wire: 1 Meter

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At 1 meter long, this K-Type thermocouple wire allows you to safely and accurately measure the temperature of objects that you do not want the rest of your circuitry getting close to. The duplex insulation ensures that no unintended contact occurs between the two wires, so that the measured voltage differential is accurate.

  • The same 24 AWG K-type thermocouple wire we ship with the Pmod TC1, but a full meter in length
  • Temperature range: -73° C to 482° C
  • Voltage variation: 41.276 uV/° C
  • Duplex glass braid insulation
  • Able to measure the temperature of self-cleaning ovens, deep freezers and any extreme temperature environments.
  • One K-type thermocouple wire

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