We’re on Amazon Prime!

About a year ago we introduced flat rate shipping in the US to help simplify the shipping process for our customers. In addition, we have a network of distributors all around the world, and all of our products are on Amazon. In a continued effort to increase the accessibility of our products, I’m excited to announce that we are now on Amazon Prime!

We’ve created a special Amazon prime exclusive bundle; The Analog Discovery Systems Kit!

In the kit, you’ll find an Analog Discovery 2, BNC Adapter, BNC Oscilloscope Probes, Mini-Grabber Test Clips, and a sturdy and informative box.

We personally ordered an Analog Discovery Systems Kit from Amazon Prime to test the process and we got it the next day!

To see all the Digilent products available on Amazon Prime, check out the Amazon Storefront. If you are in need of an Analog Discovery ASAP, check out the Analog Discovery Systems Kit.


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