New Product: PmodJSTK2 Two-axis Joystick

JSTK2 nunchuck 6
Side view of PmodJSTK2 in a single 3D printed nunchuck. 3D designs available for download on the PmodJSTK2 resource center.

One of our most popular Pmods has gotten an upgrade!

Introducing the newest joystick module to Digilent’s line of ~70 different Pmods. The PmodJSTK2 is much more than just some potentiometers on a PCB, but is still small and sleek enough to integrate smoothly into larger designs. And conveniently, it is a drop-in replacement for the original PmodJSTK! So if you have example projects that might benefit from the augmented features of the JSTK2, swapping out modules should be quick and painless.

The PmodJSTK2 is a two-axis resistive joystick with SPI interface which produces a factory calibrated digital output. Combining a central push button, trigger-style push button, PIC16F1618 microcontroller with 10-bit ADC, plus programmable 24-bit color RGB LED, this module is perfect for microcontroller or FPGA designs and is a great addition to robotic or gaming applications. In fact we chose the same mechanical part as used in the Xbox controllers for maximum comfort and control!

The green plastic motion limiter is injection molded and comes included with the PmodJSTK2. This clever feature was designed to ensure smooth 360° rotation but can be easily removed and replaced as desired. The joystick thumbpad is removable as well if users want to swap out handles.

JSTK2 anatomy pic

The table below highlights some of the key differences between the original PmodJSTK and the PmodJSTK2.

Feature PmodJSTK PmodJSTK2
microcontroller 8-bit Atmel ATtiny24  8-bit PIC16F1618
Interface SPI SPI
Removable thumbpad no yes
User input Joystick, central push button and two push buttons Joystick, central push button and trigger-style push button
LED 2 green 1 RGB
Joystick motion limiter no yes
PCB size 4.57 × 3.3 cm 4.76 × 2.38 cm


To get started with the PmodJSTK2, visit the PmodJSTK2 resource center. Here you will find the reference manual as well as code examples and some great projects such as our infamous Claw Machine and the Battle Bots that recently debuted at NI Week 2016. Additionally, if you have access to a 3D printer (or use online services like iMaterialise) we’ve included some useful CAD designs for 3D printing single and dual nunchucks at home!

nunchucks in use
3D printed Battle Bots controller using a Raspberry Pi on left and a single nunchuck design on right.

For questions or comments please use the comment section below or visit the Digilent Forum. Head over to the product page: and check it out for yourself, enjoy!



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