Digilent 2023: Year in Review

2023 has been a busy year for the Digilent team and we want to share some of our highlights!


We launched the Analog Discovery 3

Building upon the legacy of its predecessor, the Analog Discovery 3 continues to set a new standard in electronic engineering instrumentation by combining the functionalities of an oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator, logic analyzer, pattern generator, and programmable power supplies into a single, compact powerhouse. 


We hosted our “Exploring the Features of the Analog Discovery 3″ webinar

On July 11, 2023 we hosted the “Exploring the Features of the Analog Discovery 3” live webinar. We value opportunities to connect with our users, and our webinar was the perfect opportunity to highlight the features of the AD3 and answer any questions. You can watch the webinar recording HERE or jump straight to the Webinar Q & A! 


We finished the migration of MCC DAQ 

Our loyal MCC DAQ users will know that we finished our website migration this year now that MCC DAQ products are part of Digilent. It was important to us to create a consolidated e-commerce platform that expanded buying power and resources, increased availability of MCC products through Digilent’s distributor channels, and implemented existing support and technical reference materials into Digilent’s popular documentation ecosystem. Don’t worry – our friendly staff hasn’t changed, and you’ll be dealing with the same good folks that you’re used to! 


We went to trade shows around the world 

Trade shows are essential in the tech industry, providing a platform for companies like Digilent to showcase innovation and forge meaningful connections. In 2023, we participated as exhibitors in several shows around the world, reinforcing our commitment to cutting-edge technology. Some of the highlights were Embedded World in Nuremberg, the 23rd China International Industrial Fair in Shanghai, and the ASEE Annual Conference in Baltimore. As exhibitors, these shows were opportunities for Digilent to connect, share expertise, and stay abreast of technological trends. Reflecting on a successful year, we eagerly anticipate the continued impact and partnerships that will stem from our participation in these industry events. 


We collaborated with people across industries

This year we wanted to connect with users across industries, and this led to meaningful collaborations and partnerships that have enriched our journey. Joining forces with innovative minds, resourceful hobbyists, and forward-thinking organizations, we embarked on various projects that pushed the boundaries of technology. Check out some of those collaborations here:

We released more resources for our users  

In 2023, Digilent prioritized user support, expanding our documentation library to provide comprehensive resources on our reference site and blog. Some of our favorite pieces from this year include our Advanced Clocking Options Whitepaper and our Dual Mode blog post.  


Users provided feedback on our Eclypse Z7 and ZmodDigitizer in a RoadTest 

Digilent appreciates Element 14’s in-depth RoadTest program because we also care about “the experience of the product”. In 2023, our Eclypse Z7 and Zmod Digitizer were put to the test. Their review highlights the technical excellence and user-friendly design of these tools for streamlined project development and precise data acquisition.


As we reflect on Digilent’s journey through 2023—marked by the launch of the Analog Discovery 3, global outreach through trade shows, and enriching collaborations across engineering sectors, we also look forward to the possibilities that 2024 holds. With innovation at our core, we’re excited to continue empowering engineers worldwide and unveiling new solutions that redefine the landscape of electronic design and discovery.

Cheers to a year of limitless potential!


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