ZYBO Smart Car

The ZYBO Smart Car was developed by Digilent China. It is one of the items in the Zrobot line, the educational kit solely developed by Digilent China. The smart car is powered by the Digilent ZYBO that features Xilinx Zynq technology. Users can control the robot from an Android phone using the Bluetooth interface within 20m. The OS is Linux. Users can develop the software and Linux driver using Xilinx Vivado.

iLAB Analog – Practical Introduction to Analog Circuits

During the Christmas break, I ended up reading iLAB Analog, a new textbook written by Dr. Chen Yun Chao from National Taipei University of Technology Department of Electronic Engineering. I was excited to read a book that deals with both conceptual knowledge and has practical labs. For anyone who wants to learn about analog circuits but has very basic knowledge of physics, it is a good starting point. This book is currently being used in the Intro to Analog Circuits class held at National Taipei University of Technology.

FPGA Design Flow Using Vivado Workshop!

Digilent is proud to announce that together with our Brazilian distribution partner, Anacom, and our academic partner Xilinx University Program, we will be hosting a workshop, “FPGA Design Flow using Vivado,” from Oct 29-30. This course will provide professors with an introduction to digital design tool flow in Xilinx All Programmable devices using Xilinx Vivado Design Suite. It will be held at Escola Politécnica da UFBA, Brazil. Attendees will use the Digilent Nexys 4 and the Xilinx Vivado Design Suite to gain the hands-on experience with digital design, basic HDL knowledge, Xilinx 7-series architecture overview, and Xilinx Vivado design suite.