Hands-On Online Embedded Linux Training for ZYBO

If you have gone through the  Embedded Linux Hands-On Tutorial created by Kaitlyn and now want to learn more about embedded software design using ZYBO and Linux, check out the online embedded software design class Embedded Design with PetaLinux Tools offered by Hardent, a leading Xilinx® authorized training provider and ARM® approved training center.



Use ZYBO to learn embedded software design through Hardent's  Embedded Design with PetaLinux Tools
Use ZYBO to learn embedded software design through Hardent’s Embedded Design with PetaLinux Tools class.



The training is provided live by expert trainers, and a  ZYBO  is made available to each student in the course to assist embedded software developers in reducing time-to-market by using the latest technologies. The class focuses on the practical aspects of embedded software design.  Each student can either borrow or purchase the  ZYBO  from Hardent. In addition to the  ZYBO  development board, the student  receives a set of headphones and printed training material. Throughout the session, Hardent’s experienced trainers interact live with students to assist them with any questions they may have relating to the course or their current embedded design projects.

Student use ZYBO, laptop, headphone to attend the online Use ZYBO to learn embedded software design through Hardent's  Embedded Design with PetaLinux Tools class
Student use a ZYBO, a laptop, and headphones to attend the online class for using ZYBO.



What will you learn in the class? 

The “Embedded Design with PetaLinux Tools” course introduces embedded Linux components, use of open-source components, environment configurations, network components, and debugging options for embedded Linux platforms. The  primary focus is on embedded Linux development in conjunction with the Xilinx tool flow. This course focuses on the Zynq -7000 All Programmable SoC architecture.

After completing this comprehensive training, students will have the necessary skills to:
▪ Explain what an embedded Linux kernel is
▪ Describe the Linux device driver architecture
▪ Create a PetaLinux project to configure and build an image using PetaLinux tools
▪ Create a working ARM Cortex-A9 MPcore Linux system using the Vivado Design Suite and PetaLinux tools
▪ List various hardware interfacing options available for the ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore
▪ Build custom hardware cores and device drivers using the user space I/O (UIO) framework

Find out Course details are at class website

So now, I find another summer activity – attending  Hardent’s  two days class online and  then build up my Linux skills using ZYBO. Do you want to join me too? We may have a good live discussion in the online classroom.



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