Hands-on Embedded Linux on Zynq-7000 SoC Using Vivado Workshop in India

We will be holding a series of workshops with CoreEL Technologies, our exclusive academic partner in India, on September 14-25 across India. Sam Bobrowicz, Digilent’s applications and systems engineering manager, will show educators how to use the ZedBoard with Xilinx Vivado and Petalinux to teach Embedded Linux so that students can integrate the software and hardware implementation on one platform as well as learn Linux development. After the workshop, technical staff from CoreEL will be available to help educators add hands-on design in the class. Once the session is over, attendees should have a deeper understanding by learning the theory, running simulations, and implementing the design on the hardware.


You can see the recap for Digilent CoreEL Joint Workshop 2014 here.


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