An Automated Ecosystem for Home and Garden

As the weather starts to cool, it becomes increasingly important to think about how to maintain those perennials in your garden. To help out, Instructables user  put together a project designed to monitor and track environmental conditions to help your garden thrive

To make your very own, automated home garden monitoring system, you’ll need a chipKIT WF32 to collect the plant data and control irrigation valves and light intensity. You’ll also need a ZYBO, a small water pump, and a PmodWiFi.

Set up Xillinux (or Linux or ZYBO) to get started. Then, add sensors to the garden to measure what you’re tracking (temperature, moisture, etc.). Connect the chipKIT, ZYBO, and PmodWiFi to the sensors, and get started!

A few months ago, we featured the similar smart irrigation system. Now you should have everything you need to automate monitoring and caring for your garden!


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