Adding Functionality to a Project

Projects are an incredible way to apply your knowledge, as well as see your ideas become a reality. However once you have an idea, it can be a challenge to figure out how exactly to make it do what you want it to do. We aim to address that very issue, with our handy Functionality Quick Guide!

This guide is designed to be an “at a glance” way in which you can make your project come to life. It is organized by what you want to make it do (shown in bold italics in the top left corner of each box), then partitioned out into some relevant materials based upon your skill level. Then once you are ready to get started, check out the applicable example projects and resource!

Functionality Quick Guide:

Make It Smart Materials Get Started with Projects Learn More
Basic chipKIT uC32, chipKIT DP32, LabVIEW and the Interaction Parts Kit Getting started with the DP32,  Make a uC32 Alarm Clock, Getting Started with LINX and LabVIEW Learning to program with MPIDE, Learning about microcontrollers


Intermediate chipKIT WF32, Arty, chipKIT Cmod  Getting Started with the WF32, Getting Started with Arty, chipKIT Cmod Light Sensor demo, Cmod Racing Ruler  Digital logic with Arty
Advanced Basys 3, Nexys 4 DDR, Zybo, Cmod A7 Meet the Cmod A7Nexys 4 DDR Audio Looper,  Zybot, Claw Game with Basy 3  Learn FPGA Video Course, Embedded Linux and Zybo


Make it Light Up Materials Get Started with Projects Learn More
Basic Analog Parts Kit, Pmod LED  Beginning Electronics from Square One  Diodes and LEDS
Intermediate Pmod OLED, Pmod SSD. Waterproof LED Strip  Programming the OLED, Driving a SSD Display, Persistence of Vison with LED Strips  OLED Displays
Advanced Pmod CLP, Pmod OLEDrgb  Controlling a LCD Screen, OLEDrgb and Zybo, OLEDrgb and chipKIT  OLEDrgb Displays


Make it Communicate Materials Get Started with Projects Learn More
Basic Pmod Wifi  Pmod Wifi Starter Code, Pmod Wifi and Zybot Pathfinder Robot, Smart Irrigation with Pmod Wifi  Pmod Wifi wiki page
Intermediate Pmod SF, Pmod RF2  Wearable Wellness System with RF2  RF with Basys Forum Thread
Advanced Pmod BT2, Pmod GPS  chipKIT and Pmod BT2 Assist Glove,   Plug and Play with Pmods and Arty


Make It Move Materials Get Started with Projects Learn More
Basic DC motor/Gearbox, Robot Kits, GWS Servo, zUNO clips  Line Following Robot Kit,  Control Servos with FPGA  Show and Tell zUNO Clips
Intermediate VRM, Pmod CON3, Pmod HB3  Pmod CON3 Servo Lab, My First Robot with the Pmod HB3  Meet the VRM
Advanced Pmod DHB1  Rainbow Ruler with ACL and DBH1  Pmod DHB1 wiki Page


Make It React Materials Get Started with Projects Learn More
Basic Analog Parts Kit,  Pmod BTN  Microcontrollers and Buttons, Button Controlled LED   LEDs and Buttons Lab Project
Intermediate Pmod MAXSonar, Pmod ALS, Pmod MIC3,  MAXSonar and Zybo, MAXSonar and chipKIT Following Robot, High Five Robot with Pmod ALSPmod MIC and Voice Control   Showing Sound Signals on VGA with Pmod MIC3
Advanced Pmod GYRO, Pmod ACL   Ping Pong Levitator with ACL, Auto Balancing Table with Pmod GYRO Pmod GYRO and ACL with Nexys, Pmod GYRO Guide


If you are looking for some more information please check out product wiki pages at

The reference page for the Pmod LED

You can also find even more information in the lower right corner of the product pages. And if that is not enough please check out our learning modules, educational videos, and find us on Instructables!

Finally, don’t forget to post your projects and any questions you might have on the Digilent Forum and show us what you made by shouting us out on social media for a chance to get your project featured on the blog!

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