Working in a Winter Wonderland

As winter nears and the seasons change, many of us will soon find ourselves indoors waiting out the oncoming chill. Looking for things to keep our minds occupied can be a challenging task as the weather begins to limit our outdoor activities, however the gloomy exterior can also represent an exciting beginning for creative needs.

While this time of year can mean many different things to many different people, I often look forward to the drawn out days as an excuse to seek refuge inside and create. These creations can be magnificently large, but more often take the form of smaller projects that can be completed in a day or two, allowing me to happily walk away knowing that I learned something new.

In preparation for this winter I have discovered a new resource provided by Lextronic featuring the Arduino Uno and a favorite project functionality helper, Digilent Pmods! The application notes developed by Lextronic help readers get their choice of 20+ Pmods quickly up and running with an Arduino Uno, leaving hardly any time for painful troubleshooting. Browsing the list of supported Pmods provides readers with example code and fritzing diagrams so that all one needs to do is connect their board and chosen module before hitting run to watch their project go!


The most exciting news from this discovery is that Lextronic continues to add Pmods to their growing list of application notes, including new modules that have been fairly recently released. Keeping your eyes open for new additions will therefore provide project materials to entertain a season worth of entertaining and creating, surely keeping any negative feelings about winter at bay. While I intend to begin with the Pmod LED (I highly value instant gratification when starting something new, something my teachers liked to call “small wins”), I can’t wait to see what you make these upcoming months! 

Don’t forget to share with Digilent on social media as you plug away at your seasonal projects and stay tuned for an upcoming Digilent Live where we will review some of these application notes in real time.


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