Using the BNC Adapter

The BNC Adapter for Analog Discovery routes the Oscilloscope Channels, and WaveForm Generator channels through BNC connectors. This allows users to use standard BNC probes, 1X or 10X attenuation, and AC or DC coupling.

The other 26 pins are routed to a flywire connector on the bottom of the BNC Adapter. Because the BNC Adapter allows for the use of BNC probes, users can increase the bandwidth of both the WaveForm Generator on the Analog Discovery and the Oscilloscope.

Recently we’ve been getting some questions on the details of the BNC Adapter and it’s use. On the resource center for the BNC Adapter you’ll find the tutorial entitled using the BNC Adapter.

It goes through some background information on the BNC Adapter:

Setting up an example circuit:

And looking at the results and adjusting for attenuation:

You can view the full tutorial here. For more information on the BNC Adapter, check out it’s resource center here.


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