New Product: Breadboard Adapter for Analog Discovery

The Analog Discovery 2 is great for rapidly prototyping circuits, testing them, and adjusting/testing again since it’s portable and has twelve different benchtop tools. However, some times it can be a little bit frustrating to deal with all 30 flywires. As an alternative to the flywires for Analog Discovery, we are now offering the Breadboard Adapter for Analog Discovery.

The Breadboard Adapter for Analog Discovery, provides a 160 tie point prototyping surface to build circuits, and two power rails directly routed from the negative and positive power supply on the Analog Discovery. Connections to the various channels on the Analog Discovery, can be made via the 2×15 pin pass through header at the top of the adapter. The Breadboard Adapter comes with a solderless breadboard, for an alternate setup. 

If you want the most secure setup and won’t need to easily change you design, you can use the breadboard adapter as is, and solder the components onto the prototyping surface and power rails.

If you want to be able to change your circuits, you’ll need to attach the solderless breadboard that comes with the breadboard adapter.

That’s how I prefer to use mine, since I work on different circuits all the time. Either way you can use breadboard wires to connect the signals from the female pass through connector to your circuit.

For more information on the breadboard adapter, check out it’s resource center. For guidelines and an example of it’s use, check out “Using the Breadboard Adapter for Analog Discovery” on the wiki.


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