Upcoming OpenScope MZ Workshop!

The OpenScope MZ is getting its own workshop next month, as registered attendees fly in from around the world to learn about getting started with instrumentation and basic circuit debugging. This workshop will feature the OpenScope MZ, our newest instrumentation solution, and its free software counterpart, WaveForms Live. Like previous workshops this event will be led by an experienced engineer, Ioan Catuna who has years of experience in electronics design and a passion for making.

Interested attendees can register here and will gain access to a full day of workshop events for £11.04 (per day) with a light lunch provided (dietary requirements must be submitted when registering). The OpenScope MZ workshop is preceded by a talk on Saturday with topics that include: How Digilent is making affordable instrumentation a reality, and how the open-source movement contributes to this goal. On Sunday, September 3rd event goers can join our experienced engineers at 10:00am for the three hour OpenScope MZ Workshop located at the Birchcliffe Centre in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

This workshop will be packed with important information to help users get started with their new OpenScope MZ device. Workshop attendees will run through setting up their OpenScope MZ with WaveForms Live, taking their first measurement, and even using the device with an Arduino Uno! While participants will need to bring their laptop, all other materials will be supplied for the workshop duration. The event will conclude with a list of resources that will help users carry their new understanding into makerspaces worldwide, bringing their designs into the IoT.

A sneak peek at what will be presented at the first OpenScope MZ Workshop!

We are extremely excited to share the OpenScope MZ with you and can’t wait to see hear your thoughts on our new IoT solution! If you simply can’t wait for this September event you can also find a number of resources on the Digilent Wiki, such as our tutorials for getting started with the OpenScope MZ and exploring WaveForms Live

Let us know in the comments below if you are as excited as we are about attending the first OpenScope MZ Workshop or if you plan on following these tutorials from home. Either way we can’t wait to see what you create!

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