The OpenScope MZ Workbook

Previously we announced the posted slides for the OpenScope MZ workshop, which is designed to be used as a workshop for introducing users to portable USB oscilloscopes and created around the OpenScope MZ. We also announced the video training designed to accompany it. Today we’ll be talking about another resource for getting started with the OpenScope MZ, the OpenScope MZ workbook!

This workbook is designed to give users that are unfamiliar with the OpenScope MZ (or oscilloscopes and other instrumentation) a first touch with all of the tools on the OpenScope.

It starts with an introduction to what instrumentation is, and why you need it.

Then it takes a more detailed look at what specific tools are and in what scenarios they would be used.

Next an overview of the OpenScope and the tools it contains.

Then of course going through the setup of the OpenScope and taking a first measurement.

The next section is the hands on exercises. These are designed to give you a taste of what the analog circuits world is like, but with a heavy emphasis on setting up the circuits, viewing the results, and playing with the tools.

If you want more of a focus on the theory of analog circuits, each of these exercises corresponds with a chapter in Real Analog.

To download and view the workbook, check it out on the OpenScope Resource center.



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